Re: [ast-users] Location of ksh man pages?

2016-02-11 Thread Henk Langeveld
Source for the ksh93 man page can be found in the att/ast repository on now. And of course in any modern linux distro carrying ksh93. Ksh88 was never part of AST, but you may encounter it in any Solaris version up to and

[ast-users] (unset -f f; command -v f) still

2015-11-15 Thread Henk Langeveld
This week I tried to come up with a portable way to determine whether a symbol is the name of a function, to replace a method depending on the output of 'command -V' which, according to the POSIX standard cannot be relied upon. The method I used relies checks if the symbol still refers to a

Re: [ast-users] command is a tracked alias for /bin/.sh.command

2014-10-22 Thread Henk Langeveld
On 10/22/14 20:44, Ed Horch wrote: Even more minimal: #!/bin/ksh -p export PS4='${}' set -x type grep Note that +, - or = after fun is necessary. Well done! It looks like some structure is shared between the sh namespace and the inner workings of type|whence -v|command -V I also

Re: [ast-users] command is a tracked alias for /bin/.sh.command

2014-10-18 Thread Henk Langeveld
Silly question - do any of those files actually exist? I.e., is there a '.sh.grep' in /bin/ and what does it link to? Why I ask: It looks like you're using something of a 'busybox' environment, where all commands are linked to a single executable. Henk On 10/17/14 14:51, Ed Horch wrote:

Re: [ast-users] bash functions in set's output

2014-09-30 Thread Henk Langeveld
Talking about shells and environment variables: As they are not valid *variable names*, those strings should not be imported as variables in the first place by a shell. I would not want to see those showing up in my ksh namespace, and neither would I want to debug any code depending on

Re: [ast-users] bash functions in set's output

2014-09-30 Thread Henk Langeveld
On 09/30/14 14:01, Michal Hlavinka wrote: This was fixed a few years ago. The posix says you do not touch what you don't understand so definitely no curing. The only proper thing to do is to ignore. I agree with that logic. The question here is whether to display such variables or not.

[ast-users] Stack Overflow Question: Why ksh disables stderr when subshell is executed?

2014-01-17 Thread Henk Langeveld
Hi David, Glenn, for command in true /bin/true; do a=$( ( b=$( $command ); echo 123 3; ) 3 1 ) echo a=$a command=$command done a=123 command=true a= command=/bin/true Looks like a bug to me This was originally reported on Stackoverflow: Why ksh disables stderr when subshell is

[ast-users] [meta] Re: Json with ksh?

2013-05-26 Thread Henk Langeveld So my question would be: What options are there for *builtin* json support? As json is quickly gaining traction as a data-exchange format over xml, it would be nice to translate compounds to json and