[asterisk-dev] AST-2022-002: res_stir_shaken: SSRF vulnerability with Identity header

2022-04-14 Thread PARIBET

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[asterisk-dev] AST-2022-002: res_stir_shaken: SSRF vulnerability with Identity header

2022-04-14 Thread Asterisk Security Team
   Asterisk Project Security Advisory - AST-2022-002

 Summaryres_stir_shaken: SSRF vulnerability with Identity 
Nature of Advisory  Server-side request forgery   
  SusceptibilityRemote unauthenticated access 
 Severity   Major 
  Exploits KnownNo
   Reported On  Jun 10, 2021  
   Reported By  Clint Ruoho   
Posted On   Apr 14, 2022  
 Last Updated OnApril 13, 2022
 Advisory Contact   bford AT sangoma DOT com  
 CVE Name   CVE-2022-26499

  Description When using STIR/SHAKEN, it’s possible to send   
  arbitrary requests like GET to interfaces such as   
  localhost using the Identity header.
Modules Affected  res_stir_shaken 

Resolution  If you are using STIR/SHAKEN in Asterisk, upgrade to one of   
the versions listed below to get a new configuration option:  
stir_shaken_profile. This can be configured in
stir_shaken.conf and set on a per endpoint basis in   
pjsip.conf. This option will take priority over the   
stir_shaken option. The stir_shaken_profile will contain the  
stir_shaken option (attest, verify, or both), as well as ACL  
configuration options to permit and deny specific IP  
addresses / hosts. The ACL will be used for the public key
URL we receive in the Identity header, which is used to tell  
Asterisk where to download the public certificate. An ACL 
from acl.conf can be used, but you can specify your own   
permit and deny lines within the profile itself. A
combination of both can also be used. 
Note that this patch contains changes that affect the same
area as the patch from AST-2022-001. It is recommended that   
you upgrade to a listed version, otherwise you might  
encounter merge conflicts.

   Affected Versions
   Product Release Series  
Asterisk Open Source16.x   16.15.0 and after  
Asterisk Open Source18.x   All versions   
Asterisk Open Source19.x   All versions   

  Corrected In
 Product  Release 
  Asterisk Open Source   16.25.2, 18.11.2, 19.3.2 

  Patch URL Revision  
https://downloads.digium.com/pub/security/AST-2022-002-16.diff  Asterisk  
https://downloads.digium.com/pub/security/AST-2022-002-18.diff  Asterisk  
https://downloads.digium.com/pub/security/AST-2022-002-19.diff  Asterisk  

 Links   https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-29476   

Asterisk Project Security Advisories are posted at
This document may be superseded by later versions; if so, the latest  
version will be posted at 
https://downloads.digium.com/pub/security/AST-2022-002.pdf and

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