Re: [asterisk-users] Paging in waves.

2013-12-12 Thread John Kiniston
I wanted to follow up that I had solved my issue to my satisfaction and share the dialplan that did so. [sub-masspage] exten = s,1,NoOP same = n,Answer same = n,Set(filename=PAGE) same = n,Wait(1) same = n,Record(pagequeue/${filename}%d.gsm,0,60,yk) same =

Re: [asterisk-users] Ctrl-W killing entire line, not just last word

2013-12-12 Thread Dotan Cohen
On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Tzafrir Cohen wrote: You need libedit-dev, not libeditline-dev. Thank you Tzafrir. However, even after installing libedit and libedit-dev, Ctrl-W still kills (deletes) to the beginning of the line. -- Dotan Cohen

[asterisk-users] IAX2 bridge failing

2013-12-12 Thread Michelle Dupuis
I am trying to connect an IAX ATA to an Asterisk system. The Asterisk system has been stable for years, and has no trouble bridge SIP phone sets to IAX trunks. When I initiate a call from the IAX ATA, something goes wrong.One rare occasion it works fine, but usually there is no

Re: [asterisk-users] Asterisk 12 with sipml5+ PJNATH issue

2013-12-12 Thread Prakash N
Hi, Can you please advice With Regards N.Prakash On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 4:27 PM, Prakash N wrote: Hi , We trying to work on Asterisk 12 with sipml5+ PJNATH ,We can able register but calling is not working .The same configuration test with Xlite soft phone it

[asterisk-users] Multiple IAX2 Trunks Load balancing

2013-12-12 Thread Muhammad Usman
Hi - I have 2 Asterisk servers connected using 05 IAX2 trunks. I want to load balance incoming calls over IAX2 trunks. If any trunk goes down the calls traffic will be shared with other available trunks. When it gets Up the script is supposed to perform as desired i.e in load balance mode.