Re: [asterisk-users] cannot answer incoming calls

2011-01-10 Thread Jeroen Eeuwes
Hi John, Interestingly RINGING and REGISTER messages are working OK. The NAT router is out of our control. Are we looking at a SIP ALG getting in the way? It probably is the NAT router. Have you tried canreinvite=no in sip.conf for these phones? Best regards, Jeroen Eeuwes --

[asterisk-users] cannot answer incoming calls

2011-01-06 Thread John Taylor
Have recently installed some Snom phones into an office. Phones are natted and connect to a 1.4 server on a public IP We can make outgoing calls, but are unable to answer incoming calls. The phone rings, but the call cannot be picked up. Other phones on other sites connected to the server are