[asterisk-users] 1.8 MIBs

2011-01-03 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
Cannot find asterisk-mib.txt and digium-mib.txt anywhere. Were they dropped? -kkm -- _ -- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by http://www.api-digital.com -- New to Asterisk? Join us for a live introductory webinar every Thurs:

Re: [asterisk-users] 1.8 MIBs

2011-01-05 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
On 110103 2154, Barry Miller wrote: On Mon, Jan 03, 2011 at 08:04:48PM -0800, Kirill Katsnelson wrote: Cannot find asterisk-mib.txt and digium-mib.txt anywhere. Were they dropped? They're now part of the wiki. Thanks! -kkm

Re: [asterisk-users] Existing Asterisk 1.8 upgrade with new release

2011-04-15 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
On 110414 1346, satish patel wrote: We are running asterisk and if in future i need to upgrade with new release then how should i upgrade it. The reason i am asking is i did lots of customization in make menuselect so do i need to keep all option remember or is there anyway i just

[asterisk-users] Would a job posting be ok for this list?

2011-04-15 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
We are hiring a VoIP developer. Would it be within the list guidelines to post a position description? Not sure if that's in the scope of this list, but does not match asterisk-biz either. -kkm -- _ -- Bandwidth and

[asterisk-users] [OT, Job] Senior Software Engineer for exciting, high-growth startup

2011-04-17 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
So we are hiring a senior-level developer with VoIP and preferably sounds and speech processing experience. Please check http://www.smartaction.com/company/careers and the company web site in general. Out solutions are based on Asterisk and Windows servers hosting customer service AI-based

[asterisk-users] AEL: quoting commas in a macro argument

2017-07-31 Thread Kirill Katsnelson
When passing a string variable to a macro, and the string contains commas, this break argument parsing. Is there a decent way to quote the commas in this scenario? -kkm -- _ -- Bandwidth and Colocation Provided by