Re: [asterisk-users] GoToIfTime : how to define sep 25th till oct 10th ?

2009-08-29 Thread MeetMeCall
GotoIfTime is about using the proper ranges of times, days of the week and months and the months in the year. Check GotoIfTime part. I think you need one line per month. The examples are clear. Success. Erik de Wild Tripple-o Your Asterisk migration partner The Netherlands

Re: [asterisk-users] Allowing multiple callers to join a public speaking session...?

2009-09-03 Thread MeetMeCall
Meetme() is the way to go. Running it on a virtual machine might not be such a good idea bacause dahdi_dummy, needed for Meetme() might not run. Google on Meetme() cmd asterisk and check the parameters available. There is one for listen only mode. Don't forget to add a conference room to

Re: [asterisk-users] can't call through voip provider

2009-11-27 Thread meetmecall
It is not that easy to give the answer. There are lots of itsp typical ways of registration and you haven't provide the info needed to help you out. You need a register line in the general part of sip.conf. It should look something like (mine looks like this register =

Re: [asterisk-users] Need help/suggestions for DialPlan

2009-12-09 Thread meetmecall
If you add option 6 to the menu for the first position and use the read command for the 2 last position and use a second line that looks something like: exten 6,n,Dial(SIP,6${ENTERED_NUMBER},20,t) it should work. The {ENTERED_NUMBER} should be the variable filled with the read command.

Re: [asterisk-users] iphone client app

2009-12-13 Thread meetmecall
Siax is working great for me and as far as I know/remember well, you can get it from the app store for a reasonable price. It supports SIP and IAX2 and works easy with Asterisk. \erik On 13 dec 2009, at 15:32, John Regal wrote: I have tried every sip phone offered on Apple's APP store (as

Re: [asterisk-users] multiple sip trunks

2009-12-14 Thread meetmecall
The easiest solution to deal with this is to have one context with different extensions for the different numbers and route the incoming calls from there. It should look something like this (not a tested piece of asterisk script, just an example to give the idea). Hope it helps :-) Erik

Re: [asterisk-users] sendmail

2009-12-20 Thread meetmecall
I used msmtp for delivering mail and this is the procedure I documented once, based on info I found on the internet. I hope it is of help. Erik Step 1 Installing needed packages/libs on your system install this packages (I'm not sure if all the packages are needed but with this

Re: [asterisk-users] Really Silly Question From Total Newbie

2010-01-05 Thread meetmecall
Siax is a pretty good working sip and iax2 softphone for the iPhone. Easy to connect to your own Asterisk box If you have an Android phone (I have HTC Hero with Android 1.5) ASip is a good choice. It is working and and calls using umts are working surprisingly well. Erik They are both

Re: [asterisk-users] Important security alert: update your dialplans now!

2010-02-16 Thread meetmecall
I have read the posts about the security issue and from what I understand there should be a check to make sure that the characters used are actually allowed. I wrote a very straightforward and not so rocket science kind of macro that will do the job I guess. Just two parameters, one with

Re: [asterisk-users] Important security alert: update your dialplans now!

2010-02-16 Thread meetmecall
to leave name and phone number ;-) Erik On 17 feb 2010, at 00:41, Warren Selby wrote: On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 4:38 PM, meetmecall wrote: Doesn't the built-in function FILTER() already do this? *CLI core show function FILTER *CLI -= Info about function 'FILTER

Re: [asterisk-users] Conference Calling

2010-02-27 Thread meetmecall
Muhammad It is not really your scenario but the scenario to setup a conference call with three numbers could be to generate two call files that points to a local channel/a context/extension that route the leg into the conference room and have your own leg routed into the conference room