Menubar Parsing Bug

2015-01-21 Thread Maxwell Anselm
The menubar library breaks entirely if it cannot parse every .desktop file in its search path. For example, it breaks if one of your .desktop files is a broken symlink. For example, run # ln -s /foo /usr/share/applications/broken.desktop Restart awesome, and open the menubar. You will get an

Re: Dragging inskape guides from rulers in awesome

2015-09-29 Thread Maxwell Anselm
ly jumps to screen2, without going through > available positition within the tiling scheme of screen 1. I can not drag > it around screen 2 either, all I can do is make it it go back to its > initial position on screen 1 if I drag the mouse in the other direction. > > Do you guys have

Re: When tiling is active drag-n-drop doesn't work as expected

2015-10-01 Thread Maxwell Anselm
I've had drag'n'drop problems while tiled with other programs as well. Most notably dragging tabs in Chrome. On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 10:14 AM, / vt wrote: > Hi, > > Today I found something strange and interesting and still a bug ; ) > I was not in "float" mode but in

Re: My problems with the last version

2016-02-02 Thread Maxwell Anselm
If you're running a compositor such as compton, try disabling it. On Feb 2, 2016 08:20, "Antonio MarĂ­n" wrote: > Awesome for Arch (x86_64) is my only one window manager... in my home... > in the office. > But the last versions (3.5.7 and 3.5.8, from Arch repository)