Re: [backstage] Overlapping schedules

2009-04-03 Thread Paul Webster
All of which I understand as a statement of how it is - but it is a real annoyance because of the change of how it was, with What's On. I process TV schedlude web pages from over 100 European channels and all have their quirks but none have the overlapped times. I have put in a partial

RE: [backstage] Overlapping schedules

2009-04-03 Thread Ray Smith
And it works for me too! Ray -Original Message- From: [mailto:owner-] On Behalf Of Paul Webster Sent: 03 April 2009 10:12 To: Subject: Re: [backstage] Overlapping schedules I should have added

[backstage] F1

2009-04-03 Thread Jonathan Austin
Here is a blog post about our online coverage of F1. _in_the.html We would be interested to hear your thoughts. ___ Jonathan Austin Senior Innovation and Research Analyst BBC Future Media