RE: [backstage] News Radar

2009-02-20 Thread webteam
Looks great! Does it include sport stories? I'm sure a sports version
would be pretty neat too?
I've found stories on there I'd never even of read before!
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We've posted about News Radar, a 20% time prototype, on the Journalism
Labs blog.
Worth a look if your interested in seeing the breadth of the BBC's news


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Re: [backstage] News Radar

2009-02-20 Thread Martin Belam
Looks great but shame launching yesterday seemed to break the main site ;-)

More seriously, I think it is a really interesting application of the
'river of news' UI.

My tuppence would be:

* Make the category name in the right-hand site a link through to the
index page for that category.

* I'm sure you'd appreciate that it would be a way to scrape the
entire content from the site in seconds, but I can haz RSS?

* Some sort of selection mechanism that allowed you to only view
certain categories e.g. you could make a Sci-Tech-Environment type
page or a Business only page

all the best,
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