[backstage] BarCampLondon6 announced

2009-01-31 Thread Mr I Forrester
Hi All, With all the talk about Digital Britian, he's a great chance to discuss and maybe organise something (yeah not the best segway) BarCampLondon6 has been announced at the Guardian's new offices near Kings Cross. Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th March 2009 http://www.barcamplondon.org/ - For

[backstage] free software from ground up home-grown alternative to AIR/Silverlight

2009-01-31 Thread Dave Crossland
Hi, This is neat: http://www.advogato.org/article/981.html Cheers, Dave - Sent via the backstage.bbc.co.uk discussion group. To unsubscribe, please visit http://backstage.bbc.co.uk/archives/2005/01/mailing_list.html. Unofficial list archive:

RE: [backstage] Yahoo Widget for BBC radio and Listen Again content

2009-01-31 Thread Ray Smith
Thanks to everyone for their help and information. The revised and working widget is at - http://widgets.yahoo.com/widgets/bbc-radio-iplayer-plus For the next release I'm looking at various improvements in the look and feel of the app and providing fuller program information. Thanks Ray