Re: [backstage] Last played songs?

2006-05-16 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi,I would like to add to this.If you look on the Pete Tong Radio 1 web-site, for example, you will see that a playlist is published as much as possible.Two points come to mind...1. If the shows are specialist then it is very important that the audience has this information.2. In which ever case,

Re: [backstage] feeds with live graphics?

2006-06-13 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Guys, I am always interested in the copyright issues that arrive in this discussion from time to time. Regarding the BBC, has anyone thought to ask their lawyers to simply put a clause in to their own license contract agreement? At least then one would be able to make informed decisions

Re: [backstage] Publishing TV listings? BDS are after you...

2006-06-23 Thread Richard P Edwards
I am sure that BDS do pay the BBC. The difference here is that the BBC, as Backstage, made the content available for use... and as such, has a clear responsibility to BDS, and any other commercial user, as well as the members of Backstage, to make sure that everyone works within the BBC's

Re: [backstage] New website

2006-10-05 Thread Richard P Edwards
I have been hereabouts for years and today was my third time at the web-site, perhaps not common, but what is It is interesting that the blog has no comments on it... yet here in the mails a variety of brilliant subjects have been discussed. I am therefore intrigued by the

Re: [backstage] Suddenly Everything's Coming up Widgets

2006-10-09 Thread Richard P Edwards
Personally, I can't wait until the web breaks free of web-browsers, but I don't think that widgets alone are the answer. although the application does take note of the fact that all of us enjoy toasters that make toast, and irons that iron, if you get my meaning. I have been trying to

[backstage] New backstage

2006-10-11 Thread Richard P Edwards
How about cutting to the chase and opening a BBC Tube? Or at least positively listing all source data freely available from the BBC, including feeds that are under future legal construction, or waiting licensing agreement in the corridors of power?Surely the major role of the BBC now is to deliver

Re: [backstage] Newssniffer - BBC News site monitoring

2006-10-25 Thread Richard P Edwards
Please excuse my interruption, but I would in all cases expect the original author to be accountable.For the complete framework of the public's and BBC's legal responsibility, it is worth reading the BBC's disclaimer and House Rules."You also agree to indemnify the BBC against all legal fees,

Re: Take Scag: [backstage] Witty slogan and design for Backstage T-shirts

2006-11-01 Thread Richard P Edwards
Mario rocks.I can't see a place for that scooter on the road, let alone on a t-shirt. sorry Ian. :-)RichE.On 1 Nov 2006, at 11:39, Matthew Cashmore wrote: Very very very cool... and not just because my name is on there! :-)   Ian's use of the word awesome however is a little suspect...

Re: [backstage] Backstage Tag Cloud T-shirt designs

2006-11-16 Thread Richard P Edwards
I'll have one of the V5's Ian :-) If I had a choice, I would take out secondlife (needless advertising perhaps) and add moped... just as a smiley. All the best Richard On 16 Nov 2006, at 15:13, Ian Forrester wrote: So this is what I've done so far... Let me know what you think,

Re: [backstage] Psiphon

2006-11-27 Thread Richard P Edwards
Wow, I will be watching the next World Cup live on the BBC then. ;-) If this does what I think it will, then the resulting discussion will, again, have consequences for everyone. Personally, I like the idea of sharing and from this side of the Channel, the UK is a state that censors. I

Re: [backstage] Psiphon

2006-11-27 Thread Richard P Edwards
|| x83965 -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:owner- [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Richard P Edwards Sent: 27 November 2006 18:07 To: Subject: Re: [backstage] Psiphon I believe that the music market place has already answered your question Ian

Re: [backstage] Psiphon

2006-11-28 Thread Richard P Edwards
So the facts support the premise that the BBC can embrace this audience, or let someone else... Google/MSN earn the profit and pay the BBC for the right. Is it wrong for the public to be afforded the same right, as in this case, we are contributors to the original cost of production? Tom,

Re: [backstage] Psiphon Next Gen content

2006-11-29 Thread Richard P Edwards
Ian, As a geriatric, I am pleased to be 3rd Generation, with a hint of 4th !! I'm looking forward to real virtual reality as well, been waiting since 1987 although Second Life isn't up my street. but an interactive band on youtube is.. so my vision is very different from the

Re: [backstage] W3C and the Overton window

2006-11-30 Thread Richard P Edwards
From looking at their web-site, perhaps Backstage could show them the way to a better designer. On the front page it mentions W3C over 40 times.. I fell of my seat before I got to the About page, but I was smiling broadly as I got up off the floor. Freakonomics can definitely be a

Re: [backstage] Open data at the BBC

2006-12-04 Thread Richard P Edwards
I agree, FYI, there is some pretty extensive data here The above is cool, for anyone in to lists

Re: [backstage] BBC Website recognition?

2006-12-08 Thread Richard P Edwards
:-) and there I was enjoying the discussion. :-) On 8 Dec 2006, at 16:22, feedback wrote: please take us off your email list - Original Message - From: Barry Hunter To: Sent: Friday, December 08, 2006 1:35 PM Subject: Re: [backstage] BBC Website recognition?

Re: [backstage] Video Encoder

2006-12-14 Thread Richard P Edwards
Davy, If I lack the connection with command line this is how I do what you describe. Apple iPhoto import photos in to a library.. set up the slideshow... Then use Snapz Pro X to capture the screen as a movie, or mpeg. The H.264 codec is available which seems the most up to date in

Re: [backstage] Re: Best links of the year

2006-12-16 Thread Richard P Edwards
In the stranger world that I inhabit, these are some of my favs, although they change daily. Great use of the web... wefeelfine_mac.html Interesting concept, and check out the money raised http:// The best user conference on the web,

Re: [backstage] democracyplayer

2006-12-21 Thread Richard P Edwards
What is great is that. One 3.5m satellite dish with a four way LNB, connected to four Sky boxes with four Sling Media Sling boxes attached to four Macs, because that is what I like, each with a couple of realtime Automator actions, stream the whole lot to Democracy from behind

Re: [backstage] democracyplayer

2006-12-21 Thread Richard P Edwards
, but what about rights management? I know its going to happen anyway but On 21/12/06, Richard P Edwards [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What is great is that. One 3.5m satellite dish with a four way LNB, connected to four Sky boxes with four Sling Media Sling boxes attached to four Macs, because

Re: [backstage] DRM

2007-01-23 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Vijay, Believe it.. I can hear the clunky wheels starting up. From the halls of the British Corporation.. yes we need DRM to satisfy the owners of the work that is to be re-produced, without it we could never get a licence, or the content etc.etc.etc.. DRM doesn't

Re: [backstage] DRM

2007-01-24 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Jason, Does anyone know what the requirements of the rights holders are within this particular area? I would love to see a list, then another legal solution may become available. RichE On 24 Jan 2007, at 08:43, Jason Cartwright wrote: All my personal point of view, as usual

Re: [backstage] Music, (meta)data, musicbrainz and the BBC

2007-01-25 Thread Richard P Edwards
James, The 128 character description could well be the ISRC code from the original label. If it is, then it contains a lot of those same details, and is unique across all manufactured CD's. I would also be surprised if you haven't come across these guys

Re: [backstage] Music, (meta)data, musicbrainz and the BBC

2007-01-26 Thread Richard P Edwards
Of Richard P Edwards Sent: 26 January 2007 01:27 To: Subject: Re: [backstage] Music, (meta)data, musicbrainz and the BBC James, The 128 character description could well be the ISRC code from the original label. If it is, then it contains a lot of those same details

Re: [backstage] platform-agnostic approach to the iPlayer

2007-02-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
you didn't reply to the Backstage mailing list, perhaps in error?) On 02/02/07, Richard P Edwards [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I totally agree that DRM is not a complete answer, but neither is giving it all away for nothing. Copyright was originally an industrial regulation on printers, and I see

Re: [backstage] platform-agnostic approach to the iPlayer

2007-02-05 Thread Richard P Edwards
holders. m -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Richard P Edwards Sent: Fri 02/02/2007 19:09 To: Subject: Re: [backstage] platform-agnostic approach to the iPlayer Hi Dave, Yes, it was a mistake on my part that I hit reply and the previous

Re: [backstage] platform-agnostic approach to the iPlayer

2007-02-12 Thread Richard P Edwards
moral rights, but let's no go there for now... On 11/02/07, Richard P Edwards [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Tom, Can I ask again then, is there anything that the BBC owns 100% copyright of in an archive? Yes or no would be a start. :-) Regards Richard On 11 Feb 2007, at 11:43, Tom Loosemore wrote

Re: [backstage] First BBC Backstage Podcast: DRM and the BBC

2007-02-13 Thread Richard P Edwards
I have managed to listen to the first minutes and then the stream stops. can anyone share the mp3 with me? :-) RichE On 13 Feb 2007, at 11:53, Martin Belam wrote: Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but will do. Does that mean we don't have to carry on the debate here anymore ;-)

Re: [backstage] Does Wikipedia have a cash crisis? Could this be Another h2g2 moment?

2007-02-13 Thread Richard P Edwards
Oooops sorry all, just realised that the ogg file just had a POSIX error, connection reset by peer. now I am back up and running thankfully VLC plays Ogg, as I have just found for the first time.:-) RichE On 13 Feb 2007, at 12:30, J.P.Knight wrote: On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Tom

Re: [backstage] Want a quick bit of beta-testing fun?

2007-03-01 Thread Richard P Edwards
on which show you heard it on. That led to quite a lot of confusion :-) Have fun RichE On 28 Feb 2007, at 15:50, James Cridland wrote: On 2/28/07, Richard P Edwards [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is the first that I have seen of this player. Works pretty well in Safari but the overall sound

Re: [backstage] BBC on YouTube

2007-03-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
Great :-) RichE On 2 Mar 2007, at 11:58, Andrew Bowden wrote: Might interest some people here. Which a third to come in the form of a BBC World channel (which won't be avalable in the UK apparently) More details

Re: [backstage] EMI 'in no DRM deal'

2007-04-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
:-) As here... For sure the vote will be said to not reflect public opinion, but 86% saying there should be less DRM is quite a statistical majority. I'm over the moon that higher quality is one of the future intentions, I am tired of

Re: [backstage] EMI 'in no DRM deal'

2007-04-03 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi all, I am surprised that this thread has pointed so strongly toward the price hike and quality as being risky. Please let me be concise with some of the facts Steve Jobs noted that about 3% of music on all iPods is copied from CD.. CD that is already non-DRM and sold by the major

Re: [backstage] Backstage Podcast number 2

2007-04-17 Thread Richard P Edwards
Sounds great to me Ian. I will be looking forward to this. Is there any way to include a chat session running live for comment? You may have seen on Wired that DRM has made it in to being used to add legacy to certain products. as if we all need more than Moore to determine when

Re: [backstage] BBC Archive trial

2007-04-18 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hey Tom, By making it UK centric, isn't the BBC missing the public values of an awful lot of us that no longer inhabit that island all year? Or are there pages written in Polish etc, just to please the total UK population. I wish the Trust would accept BBC internet presence for what it

Re: [backstage] BBC Archive trial

2007-04-18 Thread Richard P Edwards
And the same here . I got kicked off after about 60% when I said I was male. hhm. Oh well, perhaps 35-44 age bracket is already full. On 18 Apr 2007, at 19:40, Toni Sant wrote: Here's what I got: Many thanks for your time - unfortunately you did not meet the recruitment criteria

Re: [backstage] BBC Archive trial

2007-04-18 Thread Richard P Edwards
... and there will be a welsh version of iPlayer In fact one of the coolest hidden gems of the BBC is , which could very easily be adapted for polish just by adding dictionary... This is one of the apps I'd personally like to Open Source... or offer as an API... On 18/04/07, Richard P

Re: [backstage] BBC Archive trial

2007-04-19 Thread Richard P Edwards
No way Kim, I'm NOT normal. ;-) On 19 Apr 2007, at 13:28, Kim Plowright wrote: /me guesses, somehow, that the denizens of this list are somewhat demographically homogeneous. I got kicked off after about 60% when I said I was male. hhm. Oh well, perhaps 35-44 age bracket is

Re: [backstage] list test and Hack Day

2007-05-01 Thread Richard P Edwards
Somehow I love the idea of Redmond including anti functionality in to Vista. links in pretty well to their version of anti-trust. I get the feeling that there will be more to come from the Devastate (my) Reality Medium. Although I won't be in London for the hack day, I am looking

Re: [backstage] A decent editorially-ordered BBC News feed?

2007-05-21 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi James, with the cold, You are not alone I tried a couple of years ago to use the BBC RSS, and just found it had little order. That does not just apply to the BBC, I don't use RSS for anything apart from Wired. At about the same time Mario produced a bot in iChat that could help to

Re: [backstage]

2007-06-12 Thread Richard P Edwards
Exactly, ask any parent not to teach their kids to share it is part of the total fabric of society. Sometimes I think the business world has completely lost it. There are many neutral ways to influence, and believing in the choice of the customer is surely a mainstay of any

Re: [backstage] Windows Home Server RC1 available for download

2007-06-13 Thread Richard P Edwards
For sure Ian, We already have our own network broadcasting/server units at home :--) Have had for three years or more. In my case. Mac G5 plus 30 inch screen as desktop, with a 23 inch as a TV or second screen. add bittorrent, or DVD, or iTunes plus iChat.. with a terrabyte of

Re: [backstage] DRM does not work... what next?

2007-06-14 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Ian, What happens next? .. well most that you listed below is already happening somewhere. In my opinion, this is what happens next.. Your whole office, and anybody interested in the positive future of the BBC, goes to the DG, or whomever now, and demands a budget to put as

Re: [backstage] mailing list offer

2007-06-19 Thread Richard P Edwards
I'd be happy to contribute, and discuss, more about DRM in another place, if you like. RichE On 19 Jun 2007, at 17:04, Nic James Ferrier wrote: Ian Betteridge [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Assuming you mean me, replying to other's comments is hardly hijacking. I don't mean you (unless you

Re: [backstage] Your chance to inform the BBC Digital Media Initiative

2007-07-27 Thread Richard P Edwards
Ian, This looks brilliant. RichE On 27 Jul 2007, at 17:33, Ian Forrester wrote: We are proud to introduce a new initiative with the BBC Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which will affect the BBC for many years to come. Something which I'm sure the Backstage Community will and could sink

Re: [backstage] Latest Podcast - Edinburgh TV Unfestival - Is TV Dead?

2007-08-29 Thread Richard P Edwards
Me too. ;-) RichE On 29 Aug 2007, at 11:42, Toni Sant wrote: I must say I'm quite curious now! ;-) Many thanks for putting the update on your undoubtedly very long to do list. Cheers... ...t.s. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Matthew

Re: [backstage] Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 13:46:04 +0100

2007-09-17 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi All, It is worth mentioning that a lot of third party apps, which are not necessarily favoured by Apple, function well, and follow every new release of the system. It would seem that this system is now full of ideas that at one point were external apps. As for your questions Ian, Q1.

Re: [backstage] New BBC customisable homepage

2007-12-18 Thread Richard P Edwards
I agree. Is the less than 60 click second hand part of the new era it introduces? I know that life in London is fast paced, but ... *smile* RichE On 18 Dec 2007, at 11:44, Darren Stephens wrote: Yeah, I forgot the clock. Nice little retro touch that brought back some childhood memories

Re: [backstage] BBC iplayer on exotic devices

2008-01-11 Thread Richard P Edwards
Is there any intention within the BBC to put us out of our misery, and status as potential law breakers, to provide a server full of streamed content, complete TV programmes, that we can access legally worldwide through the internet? I suggest that if Mr Highfield's associate is breaking the

Re: [backstage] HD-DVD / Blu Ray

2008-02-20 Thread Richard P Edwards
I think that if you compare Vinyl with anything round and shiny, CD's DVD etc... you have a point Ian. But every generation I know, from 72 to 11 year olds, is now just putting it all on computers. Today my mother came across your new BBC home page and was really excited about the

Re: [backstage] HD-DVD / Blu Ray

2008-02-22 Thread Richard P Edwards
Toshiba seem to have a bigger game plan. You have to love the timing. On the same day as they effectively lose one battle, they amortise some of their losses with an extra $800 million investment. The better Sony do now, the

Re: [backstage] HD-DVD / Blu Ray

2008-02-25 Thread Richard P Edwards
Yep, I have to agree. LOL Rich On 25 Feb 2008, at 17:13, Steve Jolly wrote: Richard P Edwards wrote: I would love to know who it was that decided to make the two systems incompatible.. once again, if that hadn't have happened HD-DVD could have still lost, but without the public's

Re: [backstage] iPlayer DRM is over?

2008-03-09 Thread Richard P Edwards
Surely the next step is to stop GeoIP, so that anyone can try this - even in Poland. :-) I think that this may not be too far away, after all, this is the most derisive form of censorship. Happy days Rich On 9 Mar 2008, at 10:00, Tim Dobson wrote: On 08/03/2008, Dave Crossland [EMAIL

Re: [backstage] Stephen Fry: There is this marvellous idea the iPlayer is secure. It's anything but secure

2008-05-08 Thread Richard P Edwards
I agree with Mr Fry's position and furthermore, I think that it is important, as is my own case, to understand that there are many rights-holders who fear all of this. and the result is that they cannot see a high quality/secure way to release their work for financial reward.

Re: [backstage] RE: [backstage] RE: [backstage] R E: [backstage] RE: [backstage] RE: [backstage] Re : Is it OK for BT Vision to charge £3 per month for the iPlayer?

2008-06-09 Thread Richard P Edwards
I'm sure that they will have it would be great to see a copy, perhaps it was overlooked that BT is more than just a UK centric business model. :-) I must say that the peace here may be broken by the following phrase ... She stressed that the BBC would not be making any money from the new

Re: [backstage] Re: [backstage] RE: [backstage] R E: [backstage] RE: [backstage] Re: Is it OK for B T Vision to charge £3 per month for the iPlayer ?

2008-06-10 Thread Richard P Edwards
Thinking out loud. there could be opportunity whereby BT, or already BBC license holders, feed the iplayer (Virgin DVB-T) feed to a 3G iPhone but maybe with an HDMI port added, if you want to watch straight on a TV screen . If one can't, or doesn't like 3G or Edge, you can

Re: [backstage] RealPlayer banished Toady!

2008-06-18 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi James, I am looking forward to all these changes, I hope it will be great. One quick question, regarding the iPlayer Radio is it possible on an update to make the volume control actually go down to zero? I can then watch the Magic Roundabout on Youtube instead of listening to the

Re: [backstage] Soundcloud

2008-08-06 Thread Richard P Edwards
Thanks for sharing this Rob. I am only just coming back down to Earth as everyone else begins the Web 2 journey in to the clouds. :-) Must say that I am intrigued by PicLens. the movement is a little strange for my eyes, but it is great to see more moving beyond the normal browser

Re: [backstage] Soundcloud

2008-08-06 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Jim, I agree with what you say. It is a little like the Mac Front Row in essence, but from my side, I like to see pieces of software that join the web experience with the complete OS in a different way. As a surfer, I don't get too excited anymore by the way that Browsers present the

Re: [backstage] Questions for upcoming interviews

2008-09-30 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi Ian, My question... When, after waiting thirty years, will I and others, be able to truly own our digital files on computers and over the internet? Where every file is stamped with digital ownership. A stamp that is integrated to all files and attributes universal ownership to the

Re: [backstage] a postive BBC news story - Matthew Postgate's appointment bodes well for a new BBC tech era

2008-10-29 Thread Richard P Edwards
I am truly pleased that Kingswood has had a reprieve hopefully many more areas of the BBC will be looked at as the public believe they are, as part of a great corporation, as opposed to being just another part to wind down and sell. With more clarity and better overall confidence within

Re: [backstage] If you had a ton of content to freely distribute

2009-01-23 Thread Richard P Edwards
I am really looking forward to this Ian. I have remixed real data... ie music and video, all my life. Having some from the BBC will be absolutely wonderful. Best wishes RichE P.S. Not really in the same world as the BBC - yet Digidesign have over the last couple of years moved to the

Re: [backstage] Clay Shirky: Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable

2009-03-17 Thread Richard P Edwards
I would tend to agree with you Tom. The fun side of this discussion is that most of the opinions are factual, yet as with the press, many of them will not be true once these changes have passed, especially those with a spoonful of fear factor. I can remember the uproar in the Docklands when

Re: [backstage] Thoughtful post on AH

2009-08-19 Thread Richard P Edwards
For sure, peaked my interest. Thanks Dave, Richard On 19 Aug 2009, at 23:19, Dave Crossland wrote: Hi, Thought this list might find this thoughtful post on the FSFE-UK list to be of interest :-) -- Forwarded message -- From: MJ Ray Date: 2009/8/19

Re: [backstage] Encryption of HD by the BBC - cont ...

2009-10-07 Thread Richard P Edwards
It is also worth highlighting that the Societies involved in protecting the rights of music producers have also lagged well behind the technical innovations which have subsequently opened up new areas of distribution... both legal and illegal. Their methods for trying to defend the rights

Re: [backstage] BBC iPlayer for Apple TV

2010-02-16 Thread Richard P Edwards
On 16 Feb 2010, at 22:34, Mo McRoberts wrote: On 16-Feb-2010, at 16:59, Christopher Woods wrote: Simile time: trying to control, or fighting against, cross-platform consumption, usage on previously unconceived platforms and/or unexpected adaption of the service to new forms of

Re: [backstage] Duplicate posts

2010-03-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
Hi, I did.. just so that you know it wasn't just you. I also get some mails in the wrong order... which can be confusing. Regards Rich On 2 Mar 2010, at 19:20, Phil Lewis wrote: Hi, Did anyone else get around 10 duplicates of the last post: From: Simon Stirrat

Re: [backstage] TODAY: Digital Economy Bill Flashmob, 5pm [Manchester]

2010-04-06 Thread Richard P Edwards
Equally Rich On 6 Apr 2010, at 22:29, Alex Cockell wrote: I'm hoping they'll do the right thing and kill the bill. Alex - Sent via the discussion group. To unsubscribe, please visit . Unofficial list

Re: [backstage] Re: [backstage] Re: get_iplay er 2.77 release (was Re: [backstage] get_ip layer dropped in response to BBC’s lack of su pport for open source)

2010-05-27 Thread Richard P Edwards
I thought this was an interesting summary I read some quite thought provoking stories of what the Publishers are up to . so once PACT and other old fashioned societies get involved, then the

Re: [backstage] Freeview HD Content Management

2010-07-14 Thread Richard P Edwards
The internet doesn't make anything different. Not anymore. It is exactly the same as the physical world but bigger and more connected. The publishers should be educated at the same time as they would benefit from being open and educating their customers. Surely the apparent subterfuge goes to

Re: [backstage] Internet Standards role

2010-09-07 Thread Richard P Edwards
Is that a 56 hour week with overtime only after that point then? RichE On 7 Sep 2010, at 10:06, Ant Miller wrote: it sort of makes sense, in that we still have some operational support roles that are shift based, and some part time. having days and hours terms for role grades ensures these

Re: [backstage] Internet Standards role

2010-09-07 Thread Richard P Edwards
uncompetitive - now that made me smile. Regards RichE On 7 Sep 2010, at 10:35, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote: On 7 Sep 2010, at 09:20, Richard P Edwards wrote: Is that a 56 hour week with overtime only after that point then? I doubt it - someone who excels at a job as cool as this one - is likely

Re: [backstage] Internet Standards role

2010-09-07 Thread Richard P Edwards
Aha, thanks Simon ... confusion over. :-) On 7 Sep 2010, at 11:39, Simon Thompson wrote: 9 is the pay grade, not the number of days - 9D means a grade 9 person on days conditions. It may be a continuing or fixed term contract. On 7 September 2010 10:23, Richard P Edwards

Re: [backstage] API into iPlayer content

2010-09-30 Thread Richard P Edwards
Yes.. but this list was around before GeoIP, and before the Rights holders had a clue about the internet. Equally, the Trust now. I saw exactly the same things happening with music. Now, twenty years later, some of the music Rights holders have got the plot. What I would like to know is

Re: [backstage] BBCs' commitment to fair dealing rights (was RE: API...)

2010-10-04 Thread Richard P Edwards
For those who may have missed this... Good to see that some inside the bubble are aware that a different conversation needs to take place. Richard On 1 Oct 2010, at 19:17, Paul Jakma wrote: On Fri, 1 Oct 2010, Andrew Bowden wrote: No it doesn't.

Re: [backstage] Re: Backstage- End of an Era

2010-10-22 Thread Richard P Edwards
I've got a little story to tell, before this list disappears In 1990 I had the pleasure of doing a recording session at Maid Vale a full band with the Royal Philharmonic, about 110 people. We set up the studio and found that the small monitors (speakers) on the desk were out of

Re: [backstage] Ping...

2011-06-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
Good to see ... On 2 Jun 2011, at 18:32, wrote: I'm here! -Original Message- From: [ ] On Behalf Of ext Christopher Woods Sent: 02 June 2011 17:00 To: Subject:

Re: [backstage] Ping...

2011-06-02 Thread Richard P Edwards
I live half way down the Med. Spent twenty years recording in studios in London. Been here since day 1. It has been a brilliant place. Rich On 2 Jun 2011, at 22:22, Adam McGreggor wrote: On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 05:50:55PM +0100, Giacomo Shimmings wrote: Me too. It would be rather nice if