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2006-03-08 Thread Tom Loosemore

much, much respect Mario...

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ForresterSubject: [backstage] IM Persian news 
Following a conversation with Dan Brickley, who pointed me to Ian 
Forrester's post on BBC Persian being filtered in Iran (see, 
I am now running a first version of a Persian (Farsi) news bot, along similar 
lines as the newsflash bots. As Dan suggested, this could be one additional 
means of bypassing the Iranian firewall... Currently the bot is only 
running on MSN, and although I managed to get the right-to-left issue to work 
using the official MSN client (in my case Windows Live Messenger beta), it seems 
that not all 3rd party clients support the "X-MMS-IM-Format" field (where I set 
the R-to-L orientation), so for example Trillian ignores it and displays the 
messages incorrectly L-to-R. I haven't tried other clients yet. I don't 
speak/read Farsi or Arabic, so can't really tell if the content is ok (although 
I compared it visually to what's on the BBC website to get some idea). I use the 
nearly-full-text feed at (I believe Ian set 
that up?), and have noticed some strange HTML tags in the feeds, all of which 
(rightly or wrongly) also make it into the bot messages.. in addition, the 
menu-type texts are all in English for now, and should really be translated. 
The bot is on MSN as "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". Once you join, you'll get the 10 
most recent news headlines from every hour, to which 
you can respond with a number (1 to 10) to see more details for the news 
headline you're interested in (I decided to change this from the way the English 
news flashes work due to the feeds containing much more text, so it wasn't 
practical to send all news details in one message). No guarantees as to 
bot uptime etc, but as ever, feedback 

Re: [backstage] IM Persian news bot

2006-03-08 Thread Dan Brickley
* Tom Loosemore [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2006-03-08 17:03-]
 wow. much, much respect Mario...


Yes, this is wonderful, and I've heard only positive feedback so far.

It'd be great to see this go into (some level of) production usage.

(I'd be happy to help in any way...)



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