Re: [BackupPC-users] Not pooling or compressing

2006-12-08 Thread Eric Snyder
Here is a summary of a host that I did a full backup on. I thin changed the config file to share and backup just one folder with just 1 1.6 MB file. Backup #2 and #3 are two back to back backups of that file. I think that it is not pooling and compressing. I am still coming yup to speed with

[BackupPC-users] Not pooling or compressing

2006-12-07 Thread Eric Snyder
Hello: It seems that my files are not pooling. I have read the docs and have looked in the folders that the pooled files should be in and they are not there. For each backup there is a folder and the backed up files are all contained inside that folder. I am using SMB for transport and am