Re: [BackupPC-users] Re: No way to backup a 13Gb /home directory

2005-12-12 Thread Tristan Stahnke
Sorry if you've already covered this issue, but I'm assuming this backup takes a very long time over a 1mbps ADSL connection. From what I remember, BackupPC has a timeout on backups defined and will stop a backup if it lasts longer then that defined time. (I believe you can modify this time

Re: [BackupPC-users] smb scheduled backup fails, but manual works

2006-12-06 Thread Tristan Stahnke
I had a similar problem on my home network when I set the DHCP flag in the conf/hosts file to 1. Setting it to 0 seemed to fix that problem. Since I don't have a DNS server on my home network I'm guessing it wasn't able to properly query the router for DHCP information, but it was still able to