Re: [Bacula-users] Bacula-Web project - web site update

2011-09-24 Thread Bacula-Dev
Hello, Thanks for your feedback Dan, and sorry for the mistake ...;) Bacula-Web project: Regards Davide On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 5:02 PM, Bacula-Dev wrote: Dear all, I'm proud to announce that the Bacula-Web project's web site has been updated

[Bacula-users] Problems doing concurrent jobs, and having lousy performance

2011-09-24 Thread Boudewijn Ector
Hi Guys, For some time, I've been trying to get concurrent jobs in bacula to work. For doing so, I've created a pool for each client, and made sure all parts of the setup have got the max concurrent jobs = 1 . Please allow me to elaborate about my configuration: This is part of my