Re: [Bacula-users] Updating from debian package 5.0.2 to current version

2012-01-18 Thread Bartosz Cisek
W dniu 18.01.2012 08:30, Geert Stappers pisze: Op 20120117 om 15:08 schreef Richard Marnau: Hi all, I'm wondering which steps I actually have to do to upgrade from the default debian repository bacula to the current version. I did download the current version and compiled (make / make

[Bacula-users] RHEL 4/5/6 - Fedora 15/16 Bacula RPM repository

2012-01-18 Thread Simone Caronni
Hello, I have updated the repository with the latest version, since the soname of the catalogue library has now changed to libbaccats-%{version}.so; it is advised that you check the links of the alternatives system after the upgrade as the package bacula-libs has been adapted. I will update the

[Bacula-users] Volume Retention Setting Not Honoured

2012-01-18 Thread Joe Nyland
Hi, Please can someone offer some insight as to why my volume retention setting seems to be ignored in the following job log: ? As you can see: 3076, 3148, 3211, 3368 are scheduled for copy. Job 3076 starts to copy. Volume SVN_Full_Copy_1504 is created and labelled

[Bacula-users] Trouble with Accurate flag

2012-01-18 Thread Peter
A couple of weeks ago I decided to add the Accurate = yes flag to my backup jobs. I thought it shouldn't do any harm and might make restores more precise. This worked fine until yesterday. Yesterday, all of a sudden, my incremental backups decided to backup ALL EXISTING FILES (and not