[Bacula-users] software compression, real size vs size written?

2010-02-24 Thread Joseph Dickson
to quickly see how much REAL data I'm backing up, compared to how much virtual tape space it's taking.. Thanks! Joseph Dickson AJ Boggs joseph.dick...@ajboggs.com -- Download Intel#174; Parallel Studio Eval Try the new software

Re: [Bacula-users] software compression, real size vs size written?

2010-02-25 Thread Joseph Dickson
2) Is there an easy way in bconsole to see what the actual size on disk of the job was? All of the size numbers reported seem to be post-compression, which makes sense since the compression happens on the host, but I'm assuming bacula is storing ACTUAL size on disk info in the catalog

Re: [Bacula-users] Use Import/Export slots of autochanger

2010-02-26 Thread Joseph Dickson
my question may be a vendor specific one or may be a mtx-changer question. My Quantum autochanger has 5 Import/Export slots, which basically are just better accessible tape slots. Mtx displays the slots as I/E slots. But tapes in those slots are not recognised by Bacula. See attached console

[Bacula-users] disk based backup, interleaving pros/cons?

2010-02-26 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. I'm using completely disk based backup, with a custom autochanger script. When I initially set this up, I set the maximum job concurrency on each of my disk devices to 1, so that Bacula would be forced to only write one job to any given volume at any given time. I'm just

[Bacula-users] bacula asking autochanger for a volume it knows is already in use

2010-03-01 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. Fairly new to Bacula, and am using a fully disk based backup approach. I have a virtual autochanger set up (using a custom autochanger script) and have ten virtual drives set up. Each drive has maximum concurrent jobs set to 1, so that Bacula will reach for a new volume rather

[Bacula-users] potential concurrency bug in SD?

2010-03-02 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. I believe I may be hitting a concurrency bug in the storage director code, but I'm pretty new to Bacula and may just not understand what I'm looking at in the trace output. The quick outline of my scenario is: Bacula version 5.0 SD and DIR running on same box (CentOS 5.4, x86_64)

Re: [Bacula-users] potential concurrency bug in SD?

2010-03-04 Thread Joseph Dickson
There are several disk-changer bacula-sd configs in the regress/scripts/ directory. Are there any differences in your device config compared to those? I'm not sure where you mean -- I don't see any regress/scripts dir in either the source distribution or the installed files.. Joe

[Bacula-users] bacula disk based compression strategy

2010-08-08 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. I'm using Bacula in an all-disk based environment, using a disk based autochanger script. I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a magic recipe for dealing with the compression issues that are inherent with this type of strategy.. What I'm talking about mostly is that bacula-fd

[Bacula-users] disk volumes being marked in 'Error' -- concurency issue?

2010-08-11 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. I'm about ready to pull my hair out on this one :-/ My bacula is consistently marking volumes in Error and I'm not sure why.. I had looked at this a few months ago and it seemed like an issue where some of the special case code in volume selection was being skipped on File type

Re: [Bacula-users] disk volumes being marked in 'Error' -- concurency issue?

2010-08-11 Thread Joseph Dickson
11-Aug 01:33 zztop-sd JobId 9: Warning: mount.c:217 Open device chg0_drive0 (/bacula-storage/chg0/drives/drive0) Volume bvol_ELAN-OnSite0_003 failed: ERR=dev.c:549 Could not open: /bacula-storage/chg0/drives/drive0, ERR=No such file or directory This appears that bacula can not access

[Bacula-users] is anyone successfully using MaxConcurrentJobs=1 on a Disk device?

2010-08-12 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. Is anyone out there successfully backing up many concurrent jobs using Disk autochangers, with MaxConcurrentJobs set to 1 for each drive device? I've been encountering a lot of concurrency bugs in the SD code that I think is preventing me from doing this successfully, and I just

[Bacula-users] Bacula restore to Windows 2008 R2

2011-03-09 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings.. I had occasion today to do a restore to a Windows 2008 R2 server with Bacula.. everything went fine, except for some minor confusion because the restored c:/restore/c folder was created with the hidden and system attributes.. Obviously I normally have my explorer shell set so I can

[Bacula-users] Disk based backup using vchanger, volumes being marked as Error

2014-08-01 Thread Joseph Dickson
Greetings :-) I've run into this problem with Bacula in a previous installation, and I can't seem to recall if there was ever a resolution.. I'm using Bacula for disk based backups only, and I am using vchanger to manage my virtual library. I've configured a vchanger library with 100 slots and