[monochrom] The Intellectual in the Infosphere

2007-03-06 Diskussionsfäden das ende der nahrungskette
Quote: What qualifies as intellectual authority today is changing fundamentally. People are much less prepared to defer to the acknowledged experts in various fields. At the same time, however, we are being swamped with data and information -- a glut that cries out for analysis and summary. So

[monochrom] Water Flows on Mars? Not So Fast...

2007-03-06 Diskussionsfäden das ende der nahrungskette
Signs of recent liquid water on Mars may have instead been caused by mini-avalanches of dirt. In December, NASA released photos of Martian gullies that showed enigmatic tracks of material suddenly appearing in the last five years. Researchers interpreted the deposits as having possibly come

[monochrom] Christopher Lee... sings?

2007-03-06 Diskussionsfäden das ende der nahrungskette
Christopher Lee is a singer now. And the title of his first album is Revelation. http://www.bizarremag.com/entertainment/interviews/5483/christopher_lee.htmlLink -- Posted By johannes to http://www.monochrom.at/english/2007/03/christopher-lee-sings.htmmonochrom at 3/06/2007 12:44:00 PM

[monochrom] Jean Baudrillard 1929–2007

2007-03-06 Diskussionsfäden Günther Friesinger
nun hat´s auch den philosphen der postmoderne erwischt: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Baudrillard gf ___ Bagasch mailing list Bagasch@net-works.at http://service.net-works.at:8080/mailman/listinfo/bagasch