Re: [basex-talk] Any news regarding increasing maximum node count?

2014-05-04 Thread Christian Grün
Hi David,

 I found in the archive an email indicating that there were nebulous
 plans to dramatically increase the total number of nodes that a
 database could accommodate, from 2 billion to 8 quintillion.

 Are these plans still in the nebulous stage, or is there a more
 specific timeframe in mind?

currently, the development of BaseX is mainly driven by our own use
cases, in which the current max. of number of nodes is completely
sufficient. If this should change, be sure I will give you a note.


Re: [basex-talk] 7.8.2 Updating function items

2014-05-04 Thread Christian Grün
Et voilà...

Your feedback is welcome,

On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Christian Grün wrote:
 Hi Marco,

 XUST001 Updating function items are not yet supported

 when passing an updating function as a value. This used to work neatly from
 7.6 at least onwards.
 I must admit that I'm pretty surpirsed and I'd like to ask where ni the docs
 I could get more info on that.

 the behavior in 7.6 was not clean, which is why it was removed in more
 recent versions. However, the latest XQUF draft (not public yet) now
 provides an updating keyword, which can be used to invoke updating

   UpdatingFunctionCall  ::=  updating PrimaryExpr ( (ExprSingle
 (, ExprSingle)*)? )

 Issue 939 will be closed as soon as we have implemented this in BaseX
 [1]. As an alternative, if you set MIXUPDATES=true in BaseX 8.0, you
 won't encounter any restrictions regarding the invocation of updating
 and non-updating functions.



Re: [basex-talk] apply variable bindings to command scripts

2014-05-04 Thread Christian Grün
Hi Fabrice,

I'm still hesitant to introduce more features to the command script
syntax, as all of them will be BaseX-specific. But we could interpret
all input as XQuery and execute the resulting XML as BaseX commands.
This way, we could write things like..

for $n in 1 to 10
return create-db name='db{ $n }'/

What do you think?

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 11:44 AM, Christian Grün wrote:
 Hi Fabrice,

 I've recorded your feature request in a new issue:


 On Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 3:57 PM, Fabrice Etanchaud wrote:
 Dear all,

 Currently, in order to obtain tailored command scripts, I found the
 following solution :

 A template test.bxs file :


   open name='${DBNAME}'/








 A bash script



 eval cat EOF



  | basex -c-

 And then call :

 ./ test.bxs

 Could it be possible for the variable bindings to be applied also to script

 So basex  -bDBNAME=de-dpma-u-meta  test.bxs

 does the whole job ?

 that would work also for commands' sequences like :

 set option='bindings'.

 execute or run

 Merci !

 Best regards,


Re: [basex-talk] 7.8.2 Updating function items

2014-05-04 Thread Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex


On 04.05.2014 21:57, Christian Grün wrote:

Et voilà...

Your feedback is welcome,