Re: [basex-talk] catalog.xml - xsd - urn

2019-10-21 Thread Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex
tl;dr – Don’t bother that the namespace is a URN. – Don’t confuse namespaces with schema locations. – Apparently BaseX cannot use a catalog resolver for resolving schema locations. – Use other more or less portable ways for accessing the schemas, for ex. store them in a database or put the

[basex-talk] catalog.xml - xsd - urn

2019-10-21 Thread SW-Service
Good day, Where is the catalog.xml file stored? I want to validate xml files against XSD, but the xsd is referenced via an urn. thank you very much Guten Tag, Wo wird die catalog.xml Datei abgelegt? Ich möchte xml-Dateien gegen XSD validieren, aber die XSD wird über einen urn referenziert.

Re: [basex-talk] Backups

2019-10-21 Thread Christian Grün
Hi Christoph, > db_alter() has not changed. It alters the name of the database but the > corresponding backups stay unchanged. I combine it with db:drop-backup() That’s true: db:alter() will only rename databases. This has been a deliberate design choice (in analogy with db:drop, a user might