Re: [basex-talk] Regex j-flag

2019-03-13 Thread Christian Grün
Hi Andreas, Yes, that’s true, it got lost in 9.1.2 [1]. Sorry for that. BaseX 9.2 will be available soon. For now, feel free to use 9.1.1 or the latest snapshot [2]. Best, Christian [1] [2] On Wed, Mar 13,

[basex-talk] Regex j-flag

2019-03-13 Thread Andreas Hartmann
Hi The "j" flag for regular expressions introduced in version 9.1 doesn't seem to work in 9.1.2 anymore. For example, matches("Fenster", "\bfenst", "ij") produces [FORX0001] invalid regular flag 'j'. The same expression works in 9.1.1. Best Greetings, Andreas