Re: [bess] draft-morin-bess-mvpn-fast-failover

2015-10-22 Thread Jayant
Besides the below IPR, I am not aware of any other IP related to the draft. From: To: Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 18:59:20 + Subject: Re: [bess]

[bess] IPR Disclosure Alcatel-Lucent's Statement about IPR related to draft-morin-bess-mvpn-fast-failover

2015-10-22 Thread IETF Secretariat
Dear Thomas Morin, Robert Kebler: An IPR disclosure that pertains to your Internet-Draft entitled "Multicast VPN fast upstream failover" (draft-morin-bess-mvpn-fast-failover) was submitted to the IETF Secretariat on and has been posted on the "IETF Page of Intellectual Property Rights

[bess] Comments on "draft-sajassi-bess-evpn-igmp-mld-proxy-00"

2015-10-22 Thread Haoweiguo
Hi Ali, I have read through the draft, i think the procedures is fine for IGMP/MLD proxy. However, this draft doesn't consider multicast router scenario, better to be added. Scenario 1: An EVPN PE acts as multicast router and runs PIM protocol with the outside multicast routers.

[bess] Poll for adoption: draft-hao-bess-inter-nvo3-vpn-optionc

2015-10-22 Thread Thomas Morin
Hello working group, This email starts a two-week poll on adopting draft-hao-bess-inter-nvo3-vpn-optionc-03 [1] as a working group item. Please send comments to the list and state if you support adoption or not (in the later case, please also state the reasons). This poll runs until **November