Re: [bess] Poll for adoption: draft-fm-bess-service-chaining-02

2016-02-23 Thread Stuart Mackie
As co-author, I support adoption of this draft. I am not aware of any IPR relating to this draft apart from that filed by Ericsson and reported to the IETF at the following URL: - Stuart -914 886 2534

Re: [bess] Call for adoption: draft-mackie-bess-nsh-bgp-control-plane

2017-03-06 Thread Stuart Mackie
As a contributer, I support adoption. I am not aware of any undisclosed IPR that applies to this document. Stuart -914 886 2534 From: BESS on behalf of Tony Przygienda Date: Monday, March 6, 2017 at 12:02 PM To: Martin Vigoureux

Re: [bess] Poll to park almost dead WG documents

2018-03-22 Thread Stuart Mackie
We would like continue draft-ietf-l3vpn-end-system. It provides a useful description of the architecture, but the current draft is prescriptive/normative about the content of XMPP stanzas. We would like to change this to showing the XMPP stanzas as examples of how a solution could be

Re: [bess] draft-ietf-bess-service-chaining

2018-11-06 Thread Stuart Mackie
Hi Wim, Stephane had alerted me to these comments you made a while ago, but which I missed at the time. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. * The doc is much focused on the VRF constructions and architecture, but in some use cases we need to program the SF, which is not always clear

Re: [bess] Comment on draft-ietf-bess-service-chaining-06

2018-12-19 Thread Stuart Mackie
Hi Andy, I‘m struggling to make the connection, since draft-ietf-bess-service-chaining is specifically about how to do service chaining without needing a new protocol like NSH, so SFF labels would never be used. In draft-ietf-bess-service-chaining , if MPLS transport were used between Service

Re: [bess] WGLC, IPR and implementation poll for draft-ietf-bess-nsh-bgp-control-plane

2019-02-26 Thread Stuart Mackie
Support as contributor – I am not aware of any undisclosed IPR. Stuart -914 886 2534 From: BESS on behalf of "" Date: Monday, January 21, 2019 at 5:06 AM To: "" Cc: "" Subject: [bess] WGLC, IPR and implementation poll for