Re: [Bf-committers] Blender-2.79 release notes

2017-09-20 Thread Ricardo Nunes If this isn't it I've got no clue. (I'm assuming nice web page refers to this ) 2017-09-20 10:58 GMT+03:00 Dave Plater : > Hi, I don't know if it's me but I

Re: [Bf-committers] FreeFrame support - just to know

2018-02-02 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Considering the project doesn't seem to have had updates since 2015 that is probably why no one made plug-in for past 3 years. Why overall it was never done is hard to answer. Maybe the early 10's Blender just wasn't attractive enough for that or there was just no one who was up to it? Though this

Re: [Bf-committers] Discourse forum testers needed

2018-02-05 Thread Ricardo Nunes
I'm not a developer but +10 for being able to log into new developer forum and blender artist after discord migration with blender could ID. 2018-02-05 12:31 GMT+02:00 Sybren A. Stüvel : > Hey, > > On 03/02/2018 23:48, Dan McGrath wrote: > >> I opened up a beta of the discourse

Re: [Bf-committers] better keymap display proposal

2018-02-11 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Equally one could argue that having the tips on the view port would cause unnecessary clutter/be confusing. I think a lot of the newer addons utilize the on screen notation, though. (retopoflow comes to mind. Noting this because it does make it seem like the core Blender is sort of "oldish"

Re: [Bf-committers] [GSoC 2018]Project -- Testing for Core Libraries

2018-02-13 Thread Ricardo Nunes You'll probably want to start there (And especially pay attention to the application process and the "student manual"-link to google. (Also side note to anyone at Foundation potentially reading this on the GSoC18 page the

Re: [Bf-committers] GSoC 2018 Proposal for Freestyle Rewrite?

2018-02-25 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Hi Yiming, The pictures in post look pretty cool. I wouldn't be surprised if proper proposal got accepted. GSoC18 student application period starts 12th March ( https://summerofcode. ) Guidelines for Blender specifically (

Re: [Bf-committers] Downloading 4.0

2018-03-06 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Lolz I was wondering for a moment did someone mistake this for Krita mailing list because of 4.0 But yeah in my opinion the download page is fine it is two flicks of scroll wheel to get to the huge red "experimental section" But if something had to be improved I guess the "Full featured, Free and

Re: [Bf-committers] Probe Message Privacy Issue

2018-02-28 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Same here On 1 Mar 2018 01:40, "Hadrien Brissaud" wrote: > yeah, got that one too, couldn't make sense of it > > On 28 February 2018 at 23:36, Harley Acheson > wrote: > > > Hello, > > > > I just got a message from the list manager with a subject

Re: [Bf-committers] GSoC 2018: Layer Painting Proposal

2018-03-18 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Looks like a great proposal to me. I'm sure I wouldn't be only person to appreciate layers for texture painting. I guess you could say paragraph or two about what you did for those major school projects? You mention you will use Substance Painter as reference, sounds cool. I would also recommend

Re: [Bf-committers] 2.8 interface reference: Substance Painter 2018.1 (Spring)

2018-03-16 Thread Ricardo Nunes
1) What exactly do you think is better between this and the old SP interface (Maybe as a hyphen list?) 2) Which parts exactly do you think are applicable to Blender (The new UI style like in the slider buttons etc, do you mean how when closing floating windows the get minimized to icons on the

Re: [Bf-committers] GSoC 2018: Layer Painting Proposal

2018-03-20 Thread Ricardo Nunes
gt; project though, considering that there already is quite a substantial > add-on for it (though it is paid), or if having multi-layer support build > directly in Blender will still be better for performance and future > development... > > On Sun, Mar 18, 2018 at 7:50 PM, Ricardo Nunes <3

Re: [Bf-committers] 2.8 bugs

2018-03-03 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Best way would probably be to just limit the access. No matter how clear it is people online are notoriously bad at listening.. On 4 Mar 2018 02:07, "Ray Molenkamp" wrote: > Hey, > > Is there anything we can do to make the text on >

Re: [Bf-committers] Blender developers meeting notes - 2018-10-22

2018-10-23 Thread Ricardo Nunes
If I've understood correctly the first "public" release for 2.8 is supposed to be couple weeks after Bcon'18 so less than 3 weeks from now? I do agree, though, it'd be nice if color management could be cleaned up in 2.81. ti 23. lokak. 2018 klo 17.40 Troy Sobotka (

Re: [Bf-committers] Use of semantic versioning

2018-12-09 Thread Ricardo Nunes
Personally I find this naming scheme rather appropriate. I definitely would have personally found it attention seeking if this release just jumped from 2.79 to 3.00 la 8. jouluk. 2018 klo 21.33 Benjamin Humpherys ( kirjoitti: > Here’s my splash of paint on this