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2008-11-09 Thread Dipesh Navsaria
It certainly is a nice path.  And it did get a lot better once they  
did the fix at the point where the rubble was covering the path.  Not  
fighting the construction on Observatory Drive is a delight, and I  
only wish it had opened a year earlier.

A few points that would help make it ever better:

o The stop line at the crossing of Highland still hasn't been re- 
painted to have cars stop far enough back that bikes can cross while  
there is a red light.  Many driver (understandably) are far enough up  
when they stop that by the time they realize there's a bike crossing,  
it's difficult to reverse.

o At that same intersection, the signs for Highland Avenue and  
Campus Drive Bike Path are both oriented the same way -- so that the  
cyclists can see it.  Presumably the cyclist is aware they're on a  
bike path, but flipping the bike path sign 90 degrees to motorists are  
aware wouldn't be a bad idea.

o It's improved, but a lot of VA contractors park near the western  
stretch of the path, and often seem to think that they can put  
supplies and equipment on the path and generally stand around on  
there.  It'd be nice if there was signage or something asking them to  
minimize blocking the bike path.

o Any timetable/funding comments on when the eastern end of the path  
will be constructed?  It's certainly not as vital as the first part,  
but it would make it even easier to connect up with the University  
Avenue bike lanes.

o And, finally, I know people were looking into the western end --  
that missing link between University Bay Drive and the Shorewood path  
would be really nice to have.  Any word on this?

On a side note, under whose jurisdiction is the current construction  
on University Bay Drive itself?  I dropped a note to Shorewood Hills  
Public Works (and haven't heard back), but the construction on the  
road at the top of the hill (just before the Children's Hospital) is  
very bike-unfriendly.  No warning as to the loss of the bike lane, and  
across the entire width of the road is a 20-foot section of dirt/ 
gravel, with scattered gravel along the bike lane for a few hundred  
feet, right as you go down a hill.  Makes the last part of my commute  
a little...interesting, shall we say?

Peace and Prosperity,

PS Thanks for the GPS comments from a little while back -- I'll be  
sure to check out some of the resources mentioned.

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[Bikies] OK! Different topic - Campus Drive trail a beautiful thing

2008-11-07 Thread Matthew Berigan

-St Mary's area
-Superhighway Socialists

This sure is a talkative group!

Anyhow - on a positive note - not sure who to thank but the new campus drive 
path got better. To those that haven't ridden it for a while, that little blip 
where the riprap extends beyond (and over) the path got a really nice little 
fix (already some weeks ago) when the curb was removed and smoothed over 
(behind the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab) and some other piles of supplies got 

THANK YOU to whoever made that happen!!!

It is now a lot safer (especially in the dark).

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