New versions of BIND are available: BIND 9.11.7, BIND 9.14.2, and BIND 9.15.0

2019-05-15 Thread Michael McNally
New releases of BIND are available from the Internet Systems Consortium
download page,

BIND 9.11.7 and 9.14.2 are maintenance releases for the two supported
stable release branches of BIND.

BIND 9.15.0 is the first official release of the new 9.15 unstable
experimental development branch.

Details about each release can be found in the release notes:

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New versions of BIND are available

2019-02-21 Thread Michael McNally
New security releases of BIND are available which contain fixes for
three CVEs announced today.

The new versions are 9.11.5-P4 and 9.12.3-P4 and they are available
for download from

By ISC's release conventions, our security patch releases contain
only the minimal fixes necessary to correct the vulnerabilities
they address.

We will also have new maintenance release candidates which will be
available from our download by the end of the day.  These release
candidates contain the security fixes as well but they ALSO contain
other bug fixes and feature improvements which will be included in
our next set of regular releases. The maintenance release candidates
are 9.11.6rc1, 9.12.4rc1, and version 9.13.7, the last planned
release in the BIND 9.13 development branch sequence.
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