Re: SRV query with no domain?

2012-08-16 Thread Christopher Cain
Of course a dig query will fail without the domain appended. Dig takes you query at face value and will not append domains from your search suffix list like nslookup and ping will. You ALWAYS have to fully qualify your requests when using dig. Chris. On 12-08-15 3:29 PM,

Re: Dynamic DNS Update depuis mes cartes ethernet

2011-04-27 Thread Christopher Cain
If each of your three adapters get their IP's from DHCP, why don't you configure the DHCP server to update DDNS instead of the client (i.e. - a separate ddns-domainname statement for each DHCP subnet)? That way you can specify the zone to update dynamically based on the subnet each adapter gets

[SOLVED] Re: BIND9 SERVFAIL on some .gov addresses

2011-02-23 Thread Christopher Cain
[forgot to change the digest subject before sending - sorry folks] On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 12:30, Christopher Cain ch...@christophercain.cawrote: Ryan - thanks for the link. This would have saved me quite a bit of troubleshooting time a few weeks back. Christopher Cain E: ch

Is not recommended?

2010-09-27 Thread Christopher Cain
on the Windows slaves) if a new part of the 10 space is used at some point. Any recommendations or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Christopher Cain E: ___ bind-users mailing list

DDNS Updates fail When More Than 15 Authoritative Servers (NS records) are listed in a Dynamically Updated Zone

2010-09-20 Thread Christopher Cain
in the future? Thanks, Christopher Cain E: ___ bind-users mailing list