Re: [bind-users] Graphing BIND 9.11/9.10 Queries

2017-01-18 Thread Jerry K
I'm sure others will answer, but if you haven't already done so, I would suggest the list archives for answers already in place. Here are a few I pulled out of my personal BIND list archives. . mrtg - multiple list references

Re: [bind-users] Re: BIND9-ARM (HTML) feature request: better hyperlinking in/of chapter 6

2015-05-09 Thread Jerry K
Was going thru some old messages, and came across this one about generating the ARM doc as HTML. Just wondering if anything ever became of it? Jerry Kemp On 11/20/13 03:43 PM, Evan Hunt wrote: On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 03:27:59PM -0600, /dev/rob0 wrote: Looking at the HTML source for the

Re: [bind-users] DNS weirdness

2015-03-03 Thread Jerry K
Hello Doc, Wanted to see if you were able to resolve your issue. I have seen this issue occur in the past also. Jerry On 01/ 6/15 12:50 PM, The Doctor wrote: Help needed. This morning my primary DNS server locked. No worries, the backup will kick in. Wrong !! The Secondary DNS server

[BIND-users] Thank you Warren!!! - WAS::Re: This list's prefix

2013-06-16 Thread Jerry K
Hello Warren, Thank you so much for this post. Long time procmail user here. I'm only sad I didn't think of this myself first. Its been working great for me on this list, and a couple of others. Jerry On 06/ 5/13 12:46 PM, Warren Kumari wrote: On Jun 5, 2013, at 11:43 AM, Narcis Garcia

Re: [BIND-USERS] Re: Rate-Limit Question

2013-06-14 Thread Jerry K
Thank you. This is great news. Jerry On 06/14/13 11:08 AM, Evan Hunt wrote: On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 03:36:19PM +0100, Phil Mayers wrote: It's not built into bind (yet). Correct. For the record, it'll be in 9.10.0 by default and 9.9.4 as a compile-time option (--enable-rrl). (Our usual

Re: host versus nslookup

2011-10-12 Thread Jerry K
AIX also does something similar. On 10/12/11 05:09 PM, Kevin Darcy wrote: As far as I know, only HP-UX has hacked nslookup to look at /etc/hosts. And I don't think it even looks at the switch file or other naming sources (e.g. Yellow Plague). HP-UX's nslookup enhancement is a one-off, I

Re: USADOTGOV.NET Root Problems?

2010-07-25 Thread Jerry K
Michael, Do you have a standard template that you use for your Cisco firewall devices? Or are you just disabling the fixup protocol's? Jerry On 07/24/10 15:16, Michael Sinatra wrote: That's true, but it doesn't quite explain why the DNS Inspection Policy, turned on by default on the