How do I do a zone transfer of two different views

2010-08-28 Thread Scott Simpson
I have a master DNS server with two different views: internal and external. How do I do a zone transfer of the two different views? The following on the slave only grabs the internal view: view external { match-clients { any; }; allow-transfer { none; }; allow-query { any; };

RE: rndc addzone/delzone in 9.7.2rc1 (was: rndc reconfig delays)

2010-08-28 Thread Timothe Litt
Seems to me that if you stick with this, a couple of things are necessary for manageability: o Some command to translate a zone file name to a view/zone name, and vice-versa. That would enable people to debug based on file contents... o A method to migrate zones from today's

Re: migrate to a different IP

2010-08-28 Thread groups
Steve.. Much thanks for the suggestion.. My current platform is an ESX VM CentOS 5.5 (very minimal install and currently bind 9.6.2.. I can dual home it but need to really do some testing on bind listening on 2 IP addresses.. We were actually moving down this road.. (a new box) I have an

cant update 'cz'

2010-08-28 Thread clemens
I am getting the message: cz DNSKEY: please check the 'trusted-keys' for 'cz' in named.conf. And in the past this has meant that something needed to be updated. However, when I pull 'anchors.xml' and run anchors2keys anchors.xml trusted.keys there is no entry for 'cz'. What should I be