Re: [Bioc-devel] Git failing to push upstream to Bioc devel

2018-09-03 Thread Turaga, Nitesh
Hi Koen, It seems you have not followed the support documentation to sync the Github and Bioconductor repositories first. If you follow the steps, you’d get this. /tmp ❯❯❯ git clone

Re: [Bioc-devel] ProteomicsAnnotationHubData duplicated commits

2018-09-03 Thread Rainer Johannes
Hi Laurent, I had the same problem with my ensembldb and FamAgg packages (guess the duplicated commits were introduced by my old git-svn setup). The solution for me was to iteratively do a git rebase (`git rebase -i ` with of the last commit before any duplicates) removing all duplicated

[Bioc-devel] ProteomicsAnnotationHubData duplicated commits

2018-09-03 Thread Laurent Gatto
Dear Bioc admins, I am trying to push the latest changes from my github master branch to Bioconductor's upstreas/master (called devel below), but can't due to duplicated commits: lg390@elyacin [12:56:09] [~/dev/ProteomicsAnnotationHubData] [devel] -> % git push Counting objects: 622, done.

[Bioc-devel] Change the citation of my Bioconductor R package "BUScorrect"

2018-09-03 Thread Xiangyu Luo
Dear All, The citation information of my "BUScorrect" R package is shown as an R package version (e.g., xxx, xxx, R package version 0.99.10.), but I want it to be my original paper (e.g., xxx, xxx, JournalName). I tried to manually insert the "CITATION" file in the "inst" folder, as described in