[Ontbirds] Hudsonian Godwit on Pelee Island

2018-09-07 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra via ONTBIRDS
At 9am, I saw and photographed a fall-plumaged Hudsonian Godwit on the tip of Fish Point on Pelee Island. Fish Point is the southwestern point on the island, about 3 km south of the west Ferry Dock. Rob Tymstra Pelee Island, Ontario ___ ONTBIRDS is

[Ontbirds] Harris’s Sparrow - Pelee Island

2018-05-15 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra via ONTBIRDS
A male Harris’s Sparrow just appeared at the edge of my driveway, feeding on grass seed that I’d spread earlier today. Southeast corner of Pelee Island, 1011 East-West Road. Rob Tymstra Pelee Island ___ ONTBIRDS is presented by the Ontario Field

[Ontbirds] White Pelican nesting in Lake Erie confirmed!

2016-07-28 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
With increasing numbers of White Pelicans showing up in Western Lake Erie over the last couple of years, it wasn't too surprising to finally find evidence of nesting. On July 19, I found several nests on Big Chicken Island (about 7 nautical miles west of Pelee Island). The island is really a

[Ontbirds] More info on White Pelicans in western Lake Erie

2016-07-15 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
It appears from the following data sent to me by Ohio birder, Thomas Bartlett, that White Pelicans are now more than just vagrants in Lake Erie's western basin. Thomas writes: 'I could see several pelicans on the rocks off the west side of Middle Island from Kelleys Island last May (using a

[Ontbirds] Pelee Island: Neotropic Cormorant and Western Tanager

2016-05-07 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
There was a mild reverse movement from about 7- 9 a.m. at Fish Point this morning consisting mainly of several hundred Baltimore Orioles, a few Orchard Orioles, Yellow Warblers, and a few Indigo Buntings. An immature Lesser Black-backed Gull showed up at the tip briefly and a Neotropic Cormorant

[Ontbirds] Pelee Island highlights: White Pelicans, Least Bittern

2016-05-05 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
Highlights from Pelee Island today include 5 White Pelicans flying over the Pelee Island Winery, a Least Bittern and 4 Eastern Bluebirds at Fish Point (sw corner of island), and a Red-shouldered Hawk near the north shore of the island. A Tufted Titmouse was reported from the East Beach Campground.

[Ontbirds] American White Pelicans: Pelee Island

2016-05-02 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
This morning, four American White Pelicans were spotted sitting on the sandbar beyond the tip of Fish Point Nature Reserve (southwest corner of the island). They later flew off to the west. A Peregrine Falcon and a Yellow-throated Vireo were seen there as well. An Osprey was observed hunting at

[Ontbirds] Charlton Island, James Bay bird sightings

2011-09-25 Thread Y. Robert Tymstra
Submitted with permission from Ontbirds coordinator. Just returned from a 2 week trip to southern James Bay. Eight days were spent on the northeast point of Charlton Island, Nunavut, about 25 km west of the Ontario border and about 75 km northeast of Moosonee. Following is a list of birds