Re: [Ontbirds] Marbled Godwit - Niagara Falls

2019-08-15 Thread Marcie Jacklin via ONTBIRDS
Hello There is a report of the Marbled Godwit at the same location this morning at 6:30 am Marcie Jacklin Get Outlook for iOS On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 5:24 PM -0400, "Josh Vandermeulen via ONTBIRDS">> wrote: For some reason this hasn’t

[Ontbirds] Ottawa/ Gatineau: recent sightings to August 15, 2019

2019-08-15 Thread Gregory Zbitnew via ONTBIRDS
Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club Ottawa/Gatineau (50 Km radius from Parliament Hill) E. Ontario, W. Quebec Compiler: Gregory Zbitnew at August 15, 2019 It was yet another fairly quiet week in the region, with no major highlights. A few firsts of the fall did indicate that

[Ontbirds] Presqu'ile Birding Report

2019-08-15 Thread William Gilmour via ONTBIRDS
Presqu’ile Birding Report Aug 9th to Aug 15th HIGHLIGHTS WHIMBREL BLACK TERN BLUE-WINGED WARBLER At this time of the year shorebirds are the focus of most birders visiting the Park and this week it didn’t disappoint producing 16 species of shorebirds! Birders are still best to head to Beach 2

[nysbirds-l] RBA Buffalo Bird Report 15 Aug 2019

2019-08-15 Thread David Suggs
- RBA * New York * Buffalo * 08/15/2019 * NYBU1908.15 - Birds mentioned --- Please submit reports to --- MARBLED GODWIT Merlin Peregrine Falcon Sandhill Crane