[bitcoin-dev] Transaction size & weight calculation tooling

2020-05-27 Thread Jameson Lopp via bitcoin-dev
Hi all, Anyone who has built a Bitcoin wallet / service has to deal with a variety of challenges when it comes to transaction construction. One of these challenges is around determining an appropriate fee; aside from block space market volatility and the inherent problems of forecasting the


2020-05-27 Thread Russell O'Connor via bitcoin-dev
I don't believe that 60 bytes is a problem here. SHA256 padding includes a length value of the original message data. Thus a padded non-64 byte transaction can never be the same as any padded 64-byte value, and therefore after applying the SHA256 compression function the resulting hashes cannot

Re: [bitcoin-dev] hashcash-newhash

2020-05-27 Thread Erik Aronesty via bitcoin-dev
> What you are focusing on is only this: > > * Proof-of-work. Bitcoin's primary value proposition is that it's the most resistant to change: All other coins are these malleable things centrally controlled and easily moved about by politics and nonsense. So discussions of POW changes... open