[bitcoin-dev] WabiSabi Inside Batched CoinSwap

2020-06-11 Thread ZmnSCPxj via bitcoin-dev
Introduction THIS ENTIRE PROTOCOL IS NOVEL CRYPTO AND HAS NO PROOF THAT IT IS SECURE AND PRIVATE AND WHY WOULD YOU TRUST SOME RANDOM PSEUDONYM ON THE INTERNET SRSLY. While [WabiSabi](https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2020-June/017969.html) is planned for

[bitcoin-dev] WabiSabi: a building block for coordinated CoinJoins

2020-06-11 Thread Yuval Kogman via bitcoin-dev
Hi, As part of research into how CoinJoins in general and Wasabi in particular can be improved, we'd like to share a new building block we're calling WabiSabi, which utilizes keyed verification anonymous credentials instead of blind signatures to verify the honest participation of users in

Re: [bitcoin-dev] CoinPool, exploring generic payment pools for Fun and Privacy

2020-06-11 Thread Jeremy via bitcoin-dev
Stellar work Antoine and Gleb! Really excited to see designs come out on payment pools. I've also been designing some payment pools (I have some not ready code I can share with you guys off list), and I wanted to share what I learned here in case it's useful. In my design of payment pools, I

[bitcoin-dev] Hiding CoinSwap Makers Among Custodial Services

2020-06-11 Thread ZmnSCPxj via bitcoin-dev
Good morning Chris, and bitcoin-dev (but mostly Chris), I made a random comment regarding taint on bitcoin-dev recently: https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2020-June/017961.html > For CoinSwap as well, we can consider that a CoinSwap server could make > multiple CoinSwaps

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Tainting, CoinJoin, PayJoin, CoinSwap

2020-06-11 Thread nopara73 via bitcoin-dev
Thank you all for your replies, I think everyone agrees here how it "should be" and indeed I risked my post and my used terminology to further legitimize the thinking of adversaries. I'd have one clarification to my original post. It may not be clear why I put PJ/CS to the same box. One way of

[bitcoin-dev] CoinPool, exploring generic payment pools for Fun and Privacy

2020-06-11 Thread Antoine Riard via bitcoin-dev
Hi list, We (Gleb Naumenko + I) think that a wide range of second-layer protocols (LN, vaults, inheritance, etc) will be used by average Bitcoin users. We are interested in finding and addressing the privacy issues coming from the unique fingerprints these protocols bring. More specifically, we

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Time-dilation Attacks on the Lightning Network

2020-06-11 Thread Antoine Riard via bitcoin-dev
Hi ZmnSCPxj Well your deeclipser is already WIP ;) See my AltNet+Watchdog proposals in Core: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/18987/https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/18988 It's almost covering what you mention, a driver framework to plug alternative transports protocols : radio,