Re: [bitcoin-dev] BIP039 - How to add a Portuguese wordlist?

2018-06-30 Thread AJ West via bitcoin-dev
Hi Breno, There has been discussion on various ways to improve multilingual usage of BIP39. 2018-January/015500.html My takeaway is that we should be implementing a standard way to convert any words into a hex string, regardless of

Re: [bitcoin-dev] BIP 39: Add language identifier strings for wordlists

2018-01-08 Thread AJ West via bitcoin-dev
Greg yes, there were already examples in this very thread of people explaining how they use languages other than English. I'm shocked that so many people are resisting the idea that just *maybe* there could be people in other parts of the world who do not want to use or cannot use the strict set

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Two Drivechain BIPs

2017-12-05 Thread AJ West via bitcoin-dev
Hello, I would like to refer to these BIPs in other contexts and conversations. Regardless of the pitfalls or benefits, the discussion and technical review happening in this thread (and the ones before) are well-formed ideas with an active champion. The point of BIP numbers/conventions are so

Re: [bitcoin-dev] proposal: extend WIF format for segwit

2017-09-17 Thread AJ West via bitcoin-dev
Hi I have a small interjection about the point on error correction (excuse me if it seems elementary). Isn't there an argument to be made where a wallet software should never attempt to figure out the 'correct' address, or in this case private key? I don't think it's crazy to suggest somebody