Re: [bitcoin-dev] hashcash-newhash

2020-05-25 Thread Ariel Lorenzo-Luaces via bitcoin-dev
On May 24, 2020, 1:26 PM, at 1:26 PM, Karl via bitcoin-dev wrote: >Hi ZmnSCPxj, > >Thanks for your reply. I'm on mobile so please excuse me for >top-posting. > >I'd like to sort these various points out. Maybe we won't finish the >whole >discussion, but maybe at least we can update wiki

Re: [bitcoin-dev] BIPable-idea: Consistent and better definition of the term 'address'

2019-10-11 Thread Ariel Lorenzo-Luaces via bitcoin-dev
I would propose a term different than all the others mentioned so far. I propose Funding Codes. The word funding can be used as a verb or a noun and this works for the nature of Bitcoin transactions. Funding can be seen as what someone needs to do with the code as well as referring to it as

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Smart Contracts Unchained

2019-04-03 Thread Ariel Lorenzo-Luaces via bitcoin-dev
Hello ZmnSCPxj I like the proposal because it generalizes escrow type mechanisms and I think it's a useful train of thought for distributed exchanges. However, consider the situation where a group of participants are playing poker. One participant loses all their funds and decides to present

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Why SegWit Anyway?

2017-11-20 Thread Ariel Lorenzo-Luaces via bitcoin-dev
Hello Praveen You're absolutely right. We could refer to transactions by the hash that gets signed. However the way that bitcoin transactions reference each other has already been established to be hash of transaction+signature. Changing this would require a hard fork. Segwit is the