[bitcoin-dev] Congestion Control via OP_CHECKOUTPUTSHASHVERIFY proposal

2019-05-21 Thread Jeremy via bitcoin-dev
Hello bitcoin-devs, Below is a link to a BIP Draft for a new opcode, OP_CHECKOUTPUTSHASHVERIFY. This opcode enables an easy-to-use trustless congestion control techniques via a rudimentary, limited form of covenant which does not bear the same technical and social risks of prior covenant designs.

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Taproot proposal

2019-05-21 Thread Russell O'Connor via bitcoin-dev
Regarding Tapscript, the specification calls for the final value of the stack being a single non-false value: The tapscript is executed according to the rules in the following section, > with the initial stack as input > II. If the execution results in anything but exactly one element on >