Re: [bitcoin-dev] BIP-341: Committing to all scriptPubKeys in the signature message

2020-05-04 Thread Andrew Kozlik via bitcoin-dev
> > A side effect of this proposal is it would seem to make it not possible to > produce a signature for a transaction without having access to the inputs. > This is limiting for a number of cases where you don't care about that > data. There are a litany of use cases where you don't want to have

Re: [bitcoin-dev] Fwd: (Semi)Traceless 2-party coinjoin off-chain protocol using schnorr signatures

2020-05-04 Thread ZmnSCPxj via bitcoin-dev
Good morning CB, > Chain analysis doesn't in fact know that 1-input-1-output transfers are > self-transfers, this is merely a heuristic that can be flawed. For > example I accept donations in bitcoin and a surprising number of them > are 1-input-1-output or multi-input-1-output, presumably the