[Bitcoin-development] Testnet3 difficulty transition problem?

2012-12-22 Thread Andreas Schildbach
Both blocks 38304 015bb4069249fa1f41ae61d8a7447aaacc33c50dacd3c3654377fa43 and 40320 8011f56b8c92ff27fb502df5723171c5374673670ef0eee3696aee6d are difficulty transition blocks. However, block 40320 has a difficulty of 1. I know there is this special testnet rule that allows

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Payment Protocol Proposal: Invoices/Payments/Receipts

2012-12-22 Thread Mark Friedenbach
I hope that this input does not come too late; I haven't had time to review the proposal until now. For alt-chains that have time-varying value (Freicoin[1], currently), it is necessary in some applications to include a reference height in the invoice. Since the bitcoin protocol does not assume a