[Bitcoin-development] BIP21 bitcoin URIs and HTML5

2013-04-24 Thread Mike Hearn
HTML5 allows web apps to register themselves for handling URI schemes, such as the bitcoin: URI that is already in use and being extended as part of the payment protocol. The bad news is that for security reasons there is a whitelist of acceptable schemes in the spec:

Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP21 bitcoin URIs and HTML5

2013-04-24 Thread Andreas Schildbach
I had another amendment, which roughly (can't remember the details) has to do with case-sensitivity of the scheme part and parameter names. If I remember right, BITCOIN:1d4...?AMOUNT=0.1 would be a correct URI but not valid in the sense of BIP21 currently. On 04/24/2013 09:42 AM, Mike Hearn

[Bitcoin-development] Sending Bitcoins using RSA keys

2013-04-24 Thread Melvin Carvalho
So there's a slight world divide in digital payments with bitcoin using ECDSA and GPG, payswarm / webid etc using largely RSA Here's how to bring the two worlds together and enable bitcoins be sent over webid or payswarm Problem: Alice and Bob have RSA key pairs, but no public bitcoin

Re: [Bitcoin-development] BIP21 bitcoin URIs and HTML5

2013-04-24 Thread Gavin Andresen
Ian pointed out some errors in the BIP21 spec. What's the process for amending the BIP? Do we need to create a new one and mark the old one as replaced, or can we just fix it in place given the relatively exotic nature of most of the issues? Those all sound like bugs in the BIP; I think they

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Sending Bitcoins using RSA keys

2013-04-24 Thread Craig B Agricola
Maybe I'm missing something crucial, but what benefit does this dance give over the slightly more obvious mechanism of simply: 1) Alice generates a new address with her bitcoin client and sends the BTC to this new address 2) Alice exports the private key for that address (there is a well

[Bitcoin-development] Time for a 0.8.2 release

2013-04-24 Thread Gavin Andresen
Consensus in #bitcoin-dev chat is that it is time to do a 0.8.2 release. A few important bugs have been fixed, and the goal will be to get a 0.8.2 final release before the May 15'th hard fork deadline. Pieter has already started going through the issues list; help with testing, debugging, and

[Bitcoin-development] [RFC] Fees/Minimum Priorities based on Mempool and Memory-Limited Mempool

2013-04-24 Thread Matt Corallo
I hacked together a new min fee/prio calculator and memory-limited mempool a while back and figured Id post the code here to get some comments. Its more of a discussion-starter than a strict proposal and has a few obvious holes (hence posting here instead of pull-requesting). It works as such

[Bitcoin-development] Cold Signing Payment Requests

2013-04-24 Thread Jeremy Spilman
Payment Protocol uses x509 certs to sign a Payment Request. This allows wallets to display meta-data from the cert to the payer instead of the address, which should make it easier to verify where money is being sent, and make it harder for an attacker to change the address displayed to a user so

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Cold Signing Payment Requests

2013-04-24 Thread Alan Reiner
There's some good discussion about that here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=130749.msg1398972#msg1398972 thanke came up with this first, and then I reinvented it, and now you have. But the thread has some good discussion about how to move forward. I'm a big fan of putting the