Re: [Bitcoin-development] Translators Needed for Bitcoin Core

2014-05-11 Thread Warren Togami Jr. This is a reminder that many languages still require translation coverage. See this page to see the percentage of strings translated into a given language. The 0.9.2 release candidate is currently scheduled for May 13th with translations accepted for

[Bitcoin-development] is now live

2014-05-11 Thread Jameson Lopp
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Since it seems unlikely that we'll be able to ship an integrated stats / monitoring feature in the short term, I went ahead and set up a public Statoshi instance and threw a nicer interface on top of it. You can also view the

[Bitcoin-development] Allow cross-site requests of payment requests

2014-05-11 Thread Andy Alness
Would it be a terrible idea to amend BIP 70 to suggest implementors include a Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * response header for their payment request responses? I don't think this opens up any useful attack vectors. I ask because this would make it practical for pure HTML5 web wallets to use the