Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bloom bait

2014-06-11 Thread Mike Hearn
Is this any different from my bloom filter IO attack code? Nope. It's obviously different; a thin client trying to obtain more privacy is not attempting to deny service to anyone. You can't simply state that a feature which uses resources for a legitimate reason is a DoS attack, that's a

Re: [Bitcoin-development] DNS seeds unstable

2014-06-11 Thread Alex Kotenko
Hi all It took some time, but now my testnet seed is fully operational. In fact I've dropped an earlier idea of DNS forwarding and now serving only testnet seed, as it is more important atm than a mainnet one. Testnet seed is available at Please check and let me know if

[Bitcoin-development] Anyone still using SOCKS4?

2014-06-11 Thread Wladimir
Hello all, Is anyone using a SOCKS4-only proxy with Bitcoin Core? SOCKS5 was introduced in 1996, so there is hardly an excuse to not support it. If no one screams fire, we plan on removing support for it in the next major release, for two reasons: - It would remove some crufty, hardly tested