[Bitcoin-development] [ann] Live Bitcoin Core commits on #bitcoin-commits

2014-11-13 Thread Wladimir
All, As of now you can join #bitcoin-commits on freenode to be notified of commits to the bitcoin/bitcoin repository. Thanks to Luke-Jr for telling me how to set this up. Regards, Wladimir -- Comprehensive Server

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposal: PoW-based throttling of addresses (was: Outbound connections rotation)

2014-11-13 Thread Isidor Zeuner
Hi Mike, hi Ivan, hi all, Since when? This has been a recognized approach since people called it hashcash ([1] - before cryptocurrencies were even invented). I only know of one site that worked the way you propose: TicketMaster, a long time ago. They used it as a less harsh form of