Re: [Bitcoin-development] Cut-through propagation of blocks

2014-05-24 Thread Jonathan Levin
that are already spreading throughout the network. I have a paper that models this more formally and has some numerical simulations but cannot publish it on the internet at present (University Regulations) but I am happy to share a version privately if anyone is interested. Best, Jonathan -- Jonathan

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Economics of information propagation

2014-04-21 Thread Jonathan Levin
Thank you for your thoughts. The earlier, larger block A will only become stale if *two* blocks are found in the extra time it takes for block A to propagate the network. That is a substantially different risk, and probably a negligible concern to most miners. I really like Mark’s

[Bitcoin-development] Economics of information propagation

2014-04-20 Thread Jonathan Levin
Hi all, I am a post-graduate economist writing a paper on the incentives of mining. Even though this issue has been debated in the forums, I think it is important to get a sense of the magnitude of the incentives at play and determine what implications this has for the transaction fee market.