Re: [Bitcoin-development] Abusive and broken bitcoin seeders

2014-07-30 Thread Addy Yeow
I believe the requests Jeff is seeing came from my crawler although anyone could be running it ( since there is no IP address in the log to confirm the source of the requests. This is a sample log of an actual request from my crawler at :

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Sudden temporary drop in reachable nodes?

2014-03-26 Thread Addy Yeow
Hi Mike, That was because I had to restart the crawler for update. This disconnects the crawler from all reachable nodes temporarily and it will take about 15 minutes (3 snapshots) before the crawler stabilize again. I will look into annotating these drops with a note. Cheers, Addy On Thu, Mar

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Who or what is /Satoshi:0.8.99/Gangnam Style:2.1/ ?

2013-11-22 Thread Addy Yeow
. Thanks for doing that. If you're in the mood for extending it, it'd be great to gather and chart data on block and tx propagation times. Do you think the recent explosion in running nodes is real, or due to some kind of custom experimental thing? On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 2:55 PM, Addy Yeow

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Missing fRelayTxes in version message

2013-06-20 Thread Addy Yeow
I personally don't treat the relay field as optional, i.e. it is there as 0x01 if it is set. Otherwise, it is simply a trailing zero byte. Hence, the right way of reading the packet as with any network packet is to first retrieve the header information, get the actual payload length, then parse

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Modularizing Bitcoin

2013-05-16 Thread Addy Yeow
. On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 8:48 PM, wrote: our estimates: ~8000 - Original Message - From: Addy Yeow Sent: 05/16/13 06:27 AM To: Subject: Re: [Bitcoin-development] Modularizing Bitcoin Such developments would significantly strengthen

[Bitcoin-development] 32 vs 64-bit timestamp fields

2013-05-08 Thread Addy Yeow
Hi list, Can someone explain why do we have 32-bit and 64-bit timestamp fields instead of all being 64-bit? Cheers, Addy -- Learn Graph Databases - Download FREE

[Bitcoin-development] Requirement for relay field in version packet (protocol version = 70001)

2013-05-06 Thread Addy Yeow
From, is the relay field (bool/1 byte) required in all version packets coming from client with protocol version = 70001? -- Introducing AppDynamics Lite, a free