Re: [Bitcoin-development] minor bitcoin-qt gripes moving BTC off specific key

2013-05-07 Thread Craig B Agricola
BTW, Adam, I suspect you might be using the console in the GUI, and that might be under Windows for all I know, but I usually do it this way on the command line under Linux: echo -n Password: ;bitcoind walletpassphrase `stty -echo;read p;echo $p;stty echo` 60; echo This uses the JSON API to

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Sending Bitcoins using RSA keys

2013-04-24 Thread Craig B Agricola
Maybe I'm missing something crucial, but what benefit does this dance give over the slightly more obvious mechanism of simply: 1) Alice generates a new address with her bitcoin client and sends the BTC to this new address 2) Alice exports the private key for that address (there is a well