Re: [Bitcoin-development] About watch-only addresses

2014-10-18 Thread Felipe Micaroni Lalli
notifications. Take corrective actions from your mobile device. ___ Bitcoin-development mailing list - -- Felipe Micaroni

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin development (testing where to get Wallet code)

2014-07-29 Thread Felipe Micaroni Lalli
May I ask you which language? I'd love to implement Bitcoin in Clojure or Scheme. Related: Sincerely, Felipe Micaroni Lalli Walltime: Bitcoin Paranoid Android

Re: [Bitcoin-development] About the small number of bitcoin nodes

2014-05-19 Thread Felipe Micaroni Lalli
be nice on bitcoin. But I have no idea how to begin with. Felipe Micaroni Lalli Walltime: Bitcoin Paranoid Android developer PGP ID: 0x4c0afccfed5cde14 BTC: 1LipeR1AjHL6gwE7WQECW4a2H4tuqm768N On 19/05/2014, at 07:39, Wladimir wrote: On Mon, May 19, 2014

[Bitcoin-development] Transifex administration

2014-03-21 Thread Felipe Micaroni Lalli
my Portuguese is perfect, I studied the grammar several years and I am native speaker. I've been contributing in Portuguese BR and yesterday I completed the 35% missing translations. Thank you so much in advance, Felipe Micaroni Lalli Walltime - Bitcoin Paranoid Android