Re: [Bitcoin-development] Block Size Increase

2015-05-07 Thread Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
Any proposal to switch to a new hardcorded value so we have time to *really* figure out later what's next and all implications, is a road to a gigantic issue later when we want to switch to that next. Sure we would have more time to think about, research all implications, simulate, discuss, etc.

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Block Size Increase

2015-05-07 Thread Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
I have written up an explanation of what I think will happen if we run out of capacity: Looks like a solid description of what would happen. I fail to see how this description wouldn't be applicable also to a 20MB-network in some

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Fwd: death by halving

2014-10-28 Thread Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
Answering today's concerns with yesterday's facts is dangerous, especially with bitcoin on a 4 years period. I personally consider all arguments like we went through once, and nothing special. So no disturbance worthy of discussion to expect baseless. Also, starting a topic with mentions of death

[Bitcoin-development] Partial wallet rescan

2014-10-07 Thread Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
Hi all, Before starting to implement a patch for a specific need, I would like to be sure that it was not written already and available somewhere. This list is probably my best chance. I would like to add an optional parameter block_heigh to -rescan, from which the rescan would then start. When

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Looking for GREAT C++ developer for exciting opportunity in bitcoin space

2013-12-29 Thread Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste
Hey, I doubt this list is for this kind of thing. I am following bitcoin-development since a long time but never participated because I believe discussions should be well-focused and I never had anything relevant to say. Evan, I am pretty sure that emails such as yours will cause the true