Re: [Bitcoin-development] convention/standard for sorting public keys for p2sh multisig transactions

2015-01-16 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
It is better if the scheme is strongly deterministic.On 16 Jan 2015 17:09, Alan Reiner wrote: I see no reason to restrict compressed/uncompressed.  Strings don't have to be the same length to sort them lexicographically.  If a multi-sig participant provides an

Re: [Bitcoin-development] convention/standard for sorting public keys for p2sh multisig transactions

2015-01-15 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
A public key is a point in the elliptic curve. As such it has an X and a Y component. Its serialization is described very succintly here: On 15/01/15 01:17, Matt Whitlock wrote: I thought pubkeys were represented as raw integers

Re: [Bitcoin-development] convention/standard for sorting public keys for p2sh multisig transactions

2015-01-14 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
We in Haskoin do the same. On 14/01/15 17:39, devrandom wrote: At CryptoCorp we recommend to our customers that they sort lexicographically by the public key bytes of the leaf public keys. i.e. the same as BitPay. -- Be Happy :)

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Increasing the OP_RETURN maximum payload size

2014-11-20 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
Agree, There are many legitimate uses for a larger OP_RETURN, and application developers are already complaining that the current size is not enough. It is about adding value to the blockchain. I know it can grow the blockchain faster, but so far at 40 bytes Bitcoin hasn't experienced death

Re: [Bitcoin-development] The difficulty of writing consensus critical code: the SIGHASH_SINGLE bug

2014-11-14 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
Jean-Pierre Rupp from Haskoin here. I support a hard fork to fix consensus bugs. The Bitcoin protocol should eventually get to a state where it is documented in a clear and understandable fashion. Bugs are bugs, and are the enemy. We should not attempt to live with them. We should

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Multisign payment protocol?

2014-03-11 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
Hello people, We are working on some of this stuff. We had some very early draft on how we envisioned multisig happening. It is all implemented in Haskoin available as multiple repositories in Github. I am happy to see this gathering momentum. Our multisig system uses BIP-0032 HD wallets, and

[Bitcoin-development] A better Spanish translation for vulnerability page

2012-03-19 Thread Jean-Pierre Rupp
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 Una potencial falla de seguridad ha sido descubierta en Bitcoin-Qt para Windows. Si tienes Bitcoin-Qt para Windows en alguna versión entre 0.5 y 0.6, deberías salir del programa, y actualizar a la versión o 0.6rc4 AHORA. La aplicación de