Re: [Bitcoin-development] Proposal to change payment protocol signing

2014-04-29 Thread Jouke Hofman
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 We have BIP70 already in use (over a hundred paid requests). Could you elaborate on why this needs changing? On 28-04-14 14:39, Gavin Andresen wrote: There is a discussion about clarifying how BIP70 signs payment requests here:

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Bitcoin Core 0.9rc1 release schedule

2014-01-18 Thread Jouke Hofman
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 We rebroadcast incoming transactions without fees at several nodes, including, to keep them in mempools. On 01/17/2014 10:04 PM, Mark Friedenbach wrote: CPFP is *extremely* important. People have lost money because this feature is missing.

Re: [Bitcoin-development] [PATCH, try2] bitcoind: whitelist nodes against banning

2013-11-22 Thread Jouke Hofman
Thanks a lot! I will run these patches on some nodes tomorrow to see if it works. On 22-11-13 21:49, Jeff Garzik wrote: Whitelist nodes against banning. -- Shape the Mobile Experience: Free Subscription Software

Re: [Bitcoin-development] we can all relax now

2013-11-06 Thread Jouke Hofman
bounty++ On 06-11-13 06:33, kjj wrote: One of the things that really gets me going is when someone devises a model, tests it against itself, and then pretends that they've learned something about the real world. Naturally, the Selfish Mining paper is exactly this sort of nonsense.

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Blockchain alternative storage

2013-06-06 Thread Jouke Hofman
Abe is able to do what you want. With kind regards, Jouke Hofman On 06/06/2013 02:53 AM, Marko Otbalkana wrote: Could anyone point me to work/project(s) related to storing the block chain

Re: [Bitcoin-development] Cold Signing Payment Requests

2013-04-30 Thread Jouke Hofman
We do automatic refunds. When bitcoins arrive after an offer has expired (which happens quite often with webwallets that don't broadcast transactions immediately), we return all the bitcoins to a specified bitcoin-address. This happens a couple of times per day and can amount to a couple of